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With Jaaxy, you find some cool long tail keywords which are easy to rank on.I'm delivering services for this specific audience. And I checked my site rank today with Jaaxy... Boom my services or articles are ranked on #1, #2 and #3! :)Conversions are around the corner! ;)Enjoy your day!Tanguy - Incognito007
Yesterday, I wrote another cool piece of content... actually, it was my longest one so far!Let's see how good it will rank and what engagement it bring.Btw. for the writers who do not know about it yet, I recommend Hemingway App. It's free and great as it gives you feedback about readability and suggestions.I have been really productive since I'm using that distraction-free writer.After that, once the ajustements are made, you just copy-paste it to your wordpress and proof-read it (for example
It's time to step up my game... Yesterday, I had a new business idea. I checked Jaaxy to dig into the opportunity and the competition versus potential organic traffic looks great.Niche is setup.Domain is bought.Website is built.Content is soon ready to be broadcasted.I'm excited. It's time to apply through a fast-track mode all what I learned so far.Now that I know the path, it sounds even easier! :)I'm looking forward to having the store, affiliates deals and valuable content online to see how
As I shared on my last blog post... a recent article on my website did the buzz and bring me thousands of visitors and nearly 500 comments.I replied to everyone. I did email follow up. And updated the content.Wow... it has been intense! :DHow was your week so far? I hope you are doing great as well? :)Here is the snapshot from my "top 1% performance":Enjoy your day,Tanguy
This Sunday could be called the "conversion day" on my blog.It was 11 AM and I was randomly surfing on the internet... and then, I find out that a huge and well-known website from my niche was hacked and redirecting to a 18+ website.Awkward. But then I'm thinking... even though it's a temporary issue, people will probably be as confused as I was and start googling like crazy.Blog post creation:I decided to try my luck. I opened Jaaxy and went to the "Saved list" to quickly note down relevant ke
Few days ago, I spent several minutes in keyword digging and tried to write a review that will really bring something to the readers.As usual, I used my best friend (Jaaxy) to do so! :)Got some crazy rankings! This is so far my most successful post. 90,000+ views. 300+ comments. 60+ social interactions. Ranked on first position on several keywords! Wut! Wut! Wut! Crazy results. Really feel inspired for my next blog posts now! :)
This is it. I started promote WA around a bit more than one month ago and... Today, I got this sexy email! :) Thanks a lot to Kyle and Carson to make this possible! Wealthy Affiliate brings me some awesome results and now on top of it I'm getting paid to use it.. what ... what!?! AWESOME! :) Wishing a great day to everyone! Lot of success! Tanguy
I will be 100% honest. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was just looking for a valuable service on which I could get recurring commissions promoting it. But here is what happened: 1) After my first upgrade at $19, I got so amazed about the quality and quantity of content in there that I almost instantly went to a yearly upgrade. 2) I'm still not posting a lot of content on my blog, but Jaaxy and WA advices were a huge help. I had my blog online since October 2013. This last 30 days, thanks
September 11, 2014
Last few weeks, I have some time issue... It makes me way less active than I wish (and should be). But even under such conditions I'm seeing some great things happening! Check this Google Webmaster report: And that's by posting only 1 article every now and then. I look forward to being able to post content regularly, I'm sure with WA and Jaaxy I would reach INSANE results! And I will make this happening! :) Have a great day and All the best! We are in good hand here at WA, and I'm sure
Since few months, I'm offering on my blog some custom design services (for banner) and banner advertising packages. The shop is quite on fire. And it's going great. Few days ago, I was watching my e-shop logs and I noticed there was quite a bunch of people who had fully completed their carts and filled in their information before leaving the page without taking action. I though it would be quite interesting to learn more about that and contacted them by email with all details to know what ha