Strength In Numbers

Last Update: May 11, 2019

I realize last night most likely passed fairly uneventful for you but for the Wader family it was epic. Our family is a huge sports' family. We play sports' we watch sports' and we love sports'. What Steph Curry did last night in the 2nd half and more specifically in the 4th quarter was as good as it gets. I know Kyle is a huge NBA fan so at least one person here gets what I mean.

However, how that translates to what we do here is actually quite simple. How many times have you been down-and-out about the possibility of success with your online business? Yet, you are here reading this looking for inspiration. Not from me but from all the folks here just like a team. The Warriors motto is "Strength in Numbers." If that doesn't fit WA, I am not sure what does.

We are a group of folks with pretty much the same goal and all kinds of creative and unique ways to achieve it. We come together here and offer what we can, learn from others, encourage our fellow entrepreneurs and keep life moving. We don't give up and we don't care what adversity we face, it's simply another challenge to us. Where else can you get this online? Where else is there such a cohesive, coherent and supportive community that teaches you about building a successful online business. I'll tell you, it doesn't exist outside this membership.

Most NBA fans don't understand what we know in the Bay Area and that is the team is everything. KD went down, the best player in the NBA at this point and fans like me actually got more excited. We were able to have a chance to say watch this because we knew strength in numbers would prevail and it did. No one gave us a shot.

Much like here, I am sure most folks you talk to say oh that online blogging thing is a joke or a scam. They don't know the strength in numbers at Wealthy Affiliate. I know you do!

Can you dig it?

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Linda103 Premium
Good post. No idea what nba is though.
imthedamo Premium
Haha awesome Linda, The National Basketball Association.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you.
RD40 Premium
What Steph and the Warriors did last night was amazing! Everyone stepped up and did what they had to do.

But you know what, we shouldn't be too surprised, because they've done it before without KD. And the SPLASH BROTHERS showed they can do it again.
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish you great success!