Shiny Toys are Nice but.

Last Update: November 23, 2018

Today I took advantage of the Black Friday sale. I have been a premium member since I started my free account last year at this time. I have had no, zero, zip financial success at all. I know this is on me.

We have an expression in another group I am involved with which goes like this, "Half measures availed us nothing!" This is what I have done. Worse I let the fear creep in and pretty much quit. I keep basics alive (thank God for that) but I was not attacking this thing like I wan to make a success out of it.

One of my biggest mistakes is one that almost everyone makes and I did to. I went after every new shiny toy. I build multiple sites and even though I set a priority I still had shiny things flashing at me from time to time from some other sites I built. These shiny toys came to me in the form of ideas. They are all useful, don't get me wrong but as human beings we only have the capacity to be really good if we narrow the cause. Focus on one area (at least most of us and certainly when we are starting out) and dig down deep into it.

I am going to commit to doing that now. I have a niche I like and I need to stay at it until I turn it into a success, hence the BF membership commitment.

So here go's
Can you dig it?


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Vickic3 Premium
Hi Damian
Steer clear and keep focused on what matter always :)
Go well
CoraMitchell Premium
So happy you found your weakness and now that you are going to proceed focusing on one project I wish you all the best!
Here's to staying focused and never giving up, keep writing, keep learning, and earn money!
smartketeer Premium
Wise decision Damian!

Time to forget the shiny objects ...