Bing Ads - I have a long way to go haha!

Last Update: December 04, 2017

I just think this is the funniest thing but I am glad I can laugh about it. Really I am not all over the place in terms of my learning curve, in fact I am right on track with my Bootcamp training but I had some house money with Bing Ads from a promotion they gave me so I thought I would give it a shot.

At day 19 of my membership with WA I have 1089 unique clicks to various affiliate and content links I have shared here but mainly via my social media venues where I have a smattering of followers I have garnered over the years.

However, I do not have one referral yet. Now given the fact that some percentage of those uniques are from our community, I only have 137 friends following so it can't be that many. Also I have sent the bulk of my main affiliate link posts outside of the membership where they would not see them and have done that on a daily basis. I was hoping for at least 1% conversion which would be 10 referrals or so with the 1 in 8 premium conversion standard, 1 sale to boot.

Such is not the case and that really means nothing, I am having a blast talking to all of your, learning from Kyle in the Bootcamp and building my site all the while.

So I figured playing with house money in Bing Ads would be fun even though I have no clue how to do it, however, I am one of those dive right in guys, make mistakes and learn from them. This is my first day and I sure did make mistakes.

One full day and all I have to show for it is 6 impressions haha. I guess I need to learn a bit more about keywords. I can't even pay people to come and see what I have to offer, LMAO! Anyway, I used the QSR 100 +/- rule I learned the other night in Jay's training and it seems I am going to need to boost my QSR a bit if I even want to be seen, let alone pay to have someone click on my ad.

Great fun all in all where else can you dabble and have a great time while your are learning a skill(s) that will generate income for as long as you stay enthusiastic about it. I love this place and I will be talking to my rep from Bing on Wednesday, I know we will both have a good laugh and maybe come up with a better strategy.

Can you dig it,
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Hope10 Premium
Congrats well done
have an awesome weekend
SBotwe Premium
Good job friend. Keep it up
subcpo14 Premium
Damo... sure thing. Great direction. Jay
MKearns Premium
Bing does require a bit of research!