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Last Update: January 03, 2019

Affiliate Marketing Reviews can be tricky, balancing opinion and promotion. I try and go in the oposite directon of the norm, not offering bonuses just critic.

So let me start by saying I am no guru or review specialist by any means. That being said I do have my own personal style and perspective and it seems to be what works for me and is taught here with a small twist. Mainly, my big reveal here is I do not use affiliate links whether I like the product or I do not. I review to inform and mainly to prevent others from buying all the crap I did. However, in terms of my affiliate business, my focus is on 3 simple products I promote and that is it.

#1 Wealthy Affiliate#2 ThriveThemes#3 Aweber

Really I only promote one, Wealthy Affiliate, but I share the other two products with my visitors because I use them every day and they are great products. My approach is simple, Build a business that I can retire into. My demographic is folks 40 or older that have not focussed on retirement and need options that they don't have from years of saving and investing. My objective is to offer enough education (The Educated Affiliate) so that they get started on the right path and not down a slippery slope of years of buying the next shiny object.

1 I have a consistent style, message and product type I tend to stick with.

My style is simple, casual and conversational. I try not to have a serious tone even though I deal with a serious subject. I like to joke, quip and tell deprecating anecdotes about myself to get my readers to relate. My message is also simple, build a business online right into retirement. I work for Tesla and some of the work can be quite physical but for the most part I can handle it. I am 54 and probably have about 10 more years at that game, however, I will be able to run an online business well into my 90's and will have income all throughout my retirement years.

2 I give them the meat of the program.

This is the main reason I pay for all the products I review unless there is a free version that gives enough information about the product. I want to be able to go in there and see everything the product has to offer. It allows me to benchmark their value much better against the claims that are made in the sales pitch. I never buy OTO's and most of the products are from $7 to $47 and so I invest about $300 a month on products to review. It is a good investment for me. Sometimes I will use the tools at some point or I will get discounts on future products.

3 I don't use affiliate links.

I think I am an honest and transparent reviewer but it I am not promoting a product or trying to sell it, my audience has immediate confidence that this is an honest opinion. I also want my site to be the go-to site for reviews that don't try and sell you more than the original product sales page.

4 I explain Why Wealthy Affiliate does it better.

This is the easiest part. In the beginning, I bought crap and would get so upset. Then I figured refunding worked but I was refunding everything. Then I would look at reviews which helped with a bit more insight but realized soon that the reviewers were hiding the content just as much because they were trying to sell the same crap. I almost gave up when I stumbled on a review of another academy I was considering that sent me to WA. Finally, I had found a place with great value and integrity. I have never seen one before or one since so like I said this is the easy part.

5 I share how to get started.

Here I sell the program a little bit. I offer my own support in WA and let folks know how easy it is to get started. How beneficial it will be to start an online business that parallels their saving and investment efforts and what a great feeling it will be to still have that income when the day finally comes and they officially retire from their J.O.B.

Nothing out there even comes close to WA and I am not sure about you but I don't think I have ever seen a bad review or post about WA either. I know why because you would have to lie your butt off to do it but still I thought I would see more. I enjoy every day in this place and at $0.82 cents a day... Jeeze I still am amazed at that, no one can beat it and never will.

Can you dig it?

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Babou3 Premium
It's a very interesring and original
way to reach your public. I find this daring and
I hope you will continue to have fun by being
so unique.

imthedamo Premium
Hope so too haha. Thanks Ingrid,
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing your unique and professional WAy of doing reviews.

imthedamo Premium
You're welcome Mark.