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Did you know that J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected by 12 different publishers before it was finally accepted by one? I am so glad she didn’t give up. My grandchildren are so glad she didn’t give up. As soon as they were old enough to appreciate Harry, we blew through all seven of the books in one semester. What fun it was to enjoy them all over again with the kids! (I had already read them all the minute they came out.) How sad it would be if J.K. Rowling had become d
July 23, 2014
I love Wealthy Affiliate. I love what I've learned here so far. I now have my own website, and I have to pinch myself every day to believe it. But it's work. It's hard work to write quality content and to do it on a regular basis. It's especially hard if you're not an expert in your niche when you start. You have to do research! But slowly, slowly, I have been putting it together. One of my biggest issues is images - finding good ones, and once I find them, successfully transferring them to my
July 11, 2014
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon has applied to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to begin testing drones on its corporate property. The drones would eventually be used to deliver small packages of approximately 5 pounds each, to Amazon's customers worldwide. The company expects that each delivery would take approximately 30 minutes. Amazon is hoping to have the program in operation within one year. The FAA has
July 08, 2014
I have had a rough couple of weeks trying to get my "beautiful content" post published (Course 2, Lesson 6). I finally did it, but I am really technically challenged, apparently, so I just had to be patient and keep working until I figured out a solution to my problem. My niche is amazing art creations, and my problem was I couldn't figure out a way to post the images I wanted on my website. I wrote a post about a famous artist, and I wanted to use a photo of the artist and one of his painting
July 07, 2014
Someone decided to celebrate Independence Day by flying a drone with a camera attached into a fireworks display. If you would like to see how the fireworks looks from inside the display, click here and enjoy:
July 01, 2014
I just read that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ruled that realtors or other commercial entrepreneurs who use drones must comply with all FAA rules, and they must be certified by the FAA as commercial operators. I have no idea what is required in that, but I'm pretty sure that there is red tape involved. There is a "hobbyist exemption" from the FAA rules that excludes model airplanes weighing 55 pounds or less when they are used for hobby or recreation. They must also be in the d
I just watched the segment about drones on 60 Minutes. I personally think the possibilities are exciting to contemplate, despite privacy concerns. While the regulators are trying to figure out how to regulate, meanwhile, drones are readily available on the internet right now. Colin Guinn, who has a personal collection of drones, was interviewed by Morley Safer. He predicted that within the very near future, one in five people will own a small drone with a camera attached for taking pictures not
I've been reading a lot of posts about procrastination lately. I've also been doing some procrastination myself. I have spent hours the last few days trying to catch up on my notifications, and I've used that to rationalize not writing content. I've noticed some other people here in the WA community seem to struggle with the same problem from time to time, because I keep coming across posts about procrastination, and I'm wondering why. This is a "job" that we all love so much; it excites us.
"What causes low self esteem?" Good question. It probably starts in childhood. Most parents want so much for their children to be successful, that they tend to be critical of them when they're not living up to expectations. I think that has the counter effect and sends a message that the child is not good enough. If parents were able to find the good in every attempt that their child makes, and reinforce that, I think more people would grow up feeling confident in their own abilities. Take
May 29, 2014
There is so much to learn at WA. And I am definitely still learning. But that's not a problem for me because I love learning new things. At WA, I feel like I'm in Seventh Heaven, because there is so much to learn. It's almost like listening to music. If you love what you're listening to, you can just immerse yourself in it and be ecstatic. That's kind of how I feel about WA so far. It can be a little overwhelming, because there is so much. You almost don't know what to do next. There are