The new '.blog ' TLD from Wordpress

Last Update: May 13, 2016

This looks interesting as far as domain names go. Automattic - the company behind Wordpress just revealed itself to be the buyer of the '.blog' domain extension. They hid their involvement to avoid a bidding war with Google and others.

So later this year you'll be able to get a '' site. With Wordpress promoting it, it's bound to take off in a bigger way than some of the other TLDs that you never see anyone using.


( Of course if you were very rich, like Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li - you'd just apply & pay a small fortune to have your own name as a domain extension. So he can have or if he joined WA he could have )

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DLansing Premium
This sounds like a cool website name for budding bloggers :-)
JJordie Premium
Isn't it funny to me ( .com or .ca or even .org) is first priority in selection. A bit snobbish but then I guess that is like you say the Best of Branding for the Internet Marketing for those are the first ones that Stick in your mind.
Kyle Premium
The problem with any of the gTLD domains (there are lots of cool ones), is they have never been able to prove themselves to rank well in Google.

Google has indicated that it will not favour any TLD over another, but that is simply not true from every possible SEO test over the years. Yes, some .net domains rank well if they are of authority and same with .org, but by in large owning the .com indicates that you are the brand owner for that domain and will take precedence over other variations of the domain.

I personally wouldn't touch any TLD like this, rather I would always search and find a .com (if possible), with my secondary options being either a .org or a .net.
IMc Premium
I think it'd be fun to have for your own personal blog - - but obviously not for a real business.

Although or any are going to sell for a small fortune.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is what I mean. It is cool, but not practical. I remember when the .travel domains came out there was great anticipation (prior to all of these gTLD releases) and nothing ever came of it.

You don't see (although they own it), you see

People will buy them because they are "cool" or maybe they will be misguided, but there is very little practical use for something like this other than having it on your business card.