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Last Update: Dec 10, 2016


I start to create my own website about time management ( this year June and so far, I have learnt many things from Kyle's training, such as keyway selection using Jaaxy, traffic generation using social media like Twitter, Google+. Although I didn't manage to generate any income thus far, I am feeling fruitful to have gain a lot of website creation knowledge from here.

The feedback exchange system implemented in the WA really inspire me. I gain extra knowledge when reading other's website and gain a credit to request for other's comment at the same time.

I have some questions that I would like to seek for other's opinion. What is the area that I need to improve in my website and how to get others to visit my product review page, click on it and make a purchase if they found suitable? I share what I learn from the product that is been reviewed and that's make me a bit slow in updating my blog post. Any better way of doing so?

I am targeting to generate at least $1000 income from my website by end of this year. For upcoming 3 months, I want to scale it up to generate monthly income of $2000 and further upgrade to $5000 per month in the next 6 months.

I am looking forward for any comments or suggestion that can significantly help to improve my website and help to achieve my financial goals.

It has been a pleasant journey for me thus far in the online business. I know I can do more and I realize that there is a inter connection between the time management and the online business. How much time you spend working on the online business now will determine how soon you achieve your time freedom goal.

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