The 9 Important Factors Of How To Make The Attractive Website

Last Update: July 14, 2019

The 9 Important Factors Of How To make The Attractive Website

We all on this platform are members of Wealthy Affiliate, in one form or another. We are part of the biggest and unique affiliate marketers’ community in the world.

We are learning how to use tools, platforms, services, content, and more to succeed in our business online.

The Website Is One Of Our Most Essential Tools, And We Can Use It For Many Purposes. "All Starts With A Website!"

You can sell affiliate products on your website or even create your products and services and sell them through your site as well.

The benefit we have within WA is that we can create low-cost, high-quality websites that can transform into your "money making machine!"

Still, knowing that your website can be a powerful tool for gain success and start making money online, have great product and service, very often is not enough to succeed.

Your website must sap the client. It needs to become a real "lead magnet" and a great resource place online people would love to visit and come back more often.

Thus, Having An Attractive Site Is A Must.

Ok, “it is easier said than done.” The attractive website has many factors included. Moreover, besides being attractive, the site with its content must be able to awake the interest of the audience online, engage, and offer some interactivity.

Having all these factors in place will ensure you have an attractive website produced, and you can proudly present it to the world.

What includes such an attractive website? What are the crucial factors related to this feature?

Having asked that, let me go straight to the point and list, after my opinion, nine very important, if not most essential factors of an attractive website!

1. Considering that having the best program, service, product, community, and design won’t guarantee the significant or massive success of your site.

It is the package that “plays the game!”

    Thus, there is no guarantee of success unless you stay persistence, always working on your skills and knowledge, improving daily and practicing. Taking action is needed to have the chance to succeed. So, the essential factor no 1, in my opinion, is taking action. Focused, relevant, skilled, useful, practical activity pointed to your visitors that need it and desire! If you don’t take any work, you will not move at all, and all other factors listed below become irrelevant and pointless. So, stay tuned, focused, and active. It will pay off in the end!

    2. Are you going to target your chosen market?

    After deciding about your niche and before creating the website related to your chosen niche, be sure you research for a while online until you define your target market. You need to know where and who your potential customers are and what they need! Finding out your targeted audience and what they are looking for online, what kind of help they seek, will help you to create focused and relevant website, useful and helpful for your targeted audience. Deliver relevant information and be sure to share pointed value for your audience.

    Please notice that crucial words here are: targeted, focused, valuable, useful, helpful. Incorporate those words whenever you create a website in any niche you choose for your affiliate or online marketing journey!

    3. Are you going to focus the site on your product aimed for the targeted market?

      After you find a targeted market and audience, your whole site should focus on the product, service, or program you want to promote and make money.

      Focusing your website to the needs and desires of your targeted audience will make it more attractive and exciting for it and will become a real “gate to success” in your niche.

      An A relevant and useful site is the “goldmine” of your business. Treat it well, develop it, make it helpful, and the audience you are targeting will more likely decide to visit your site. Concentrate on what is essential for your prospective customers and share value. It is your focus and priority! If you choose to promote more products or services within one same niche, or maybe within more niches, don’t put “all eggs in the same basket,” instead of creating a separated unique page or post for each of the products or services. Otherwise, you can fall into the jeopardy to create irrelevant site what you want to avoid in any case!

      4. You are creating great content relevant to the topic of your site!

      As you heard so many times already: “The content is the King!” , and I always add to that statement: “The context is the Queen!”

      Both make a great content people (and Google) are looking online. Behind every screen (fixed or mobile), there is a person who is reading or watching your content. Write and create for the people first, then for the search engines! Deliver valuable, useful, and helpful content. Deliver great message within your content! Make your content easy to read, to watch and digest. Check all the errors and grammar. Please, you don’t need to get a Nobel Prize for literature or a Pulitzer Prize for journalism! Just explain the message in your words, create your style, be authentic, and deliver updated useful information. You will soon gain the benefit of such an approach!

      5. Make your site throughout consistent!

      That means your website needs to keep the unique and same look throughout the entire content. It must have its own “identity,” and visitors need to identify with that “look and feel!” Keep the same theme for the entire site! Don’t “mix” sites or incorporate pages or posts designed differently! Use the same or similar colors, not too many. Don’t overuse the fonts. Use the same size of the titles and sub-titles.

      6. You got the point. Make your site relevant to your brand, and vice versa, your brand related to your webisite! It will help build your online reputation, brand, and your style!

      7. Make your website loading fast!

        It is mentioned so many times within the training here on the platform, and Google emphasizes the importance of it as well. There is no alternative to site speed. Especially when creating new websites and Google started to take in consideration mobile search very seriously, with a unique update since May 2019, you need to have a website that loads fast.

        Many factors influence the site speed. Indeed, images are one of the most crucial sites speed factor, as the number and size of the plugins installed on your WP platform as well. Compress your images as many times you can and wherever it is possible to do so, and use other multimedia content very carefully. Avoid many flash files and other scripts on your posts or pages and be sure if implemented to be relevant to your topic and of small sizes!

        8. Create an easy to navigate website – The simple and practical navigation!

          The navigation of your website should be easy to find, intuitive, simple to follow. Don’t make it complicated for your visitors to search for content on your site. A good idea could be definitely to create a page with a site map that includes the URLs of your pages or posts on the website what will make it easy for your visitors to skip from one page or post to another.

          Make the navigation well visible in a link or tabs form and make it stand out from the rest of the content and design on your site. The visitors will thank you for that by skipping from one piece of content to another and staying longer on your website, what in return favors the page rank in SERPS.

          9. Make your site look personalized, build your brand, and develop interactivity and engagement!

          Many successful online marketers say that engagement is “half of the job done!” people like to engage, interact, and share. Offer the possibility to do so on your site. Create surveys, forms, and quizzes. Some will love them and some not. However, at least you are giving them the options! Become personal with your visitors, customers, clients, and offer them help. They will instead buy from you.

          Interact with your customers and support them as much you can. It is why they have chosen you, not anyone else! Don’t do that just after the first contact, moreover, keep them updated and tell them they can come back to you whenever they need. If you care about your customers, they will care about you. It is a “give and take” process, as in life! Even if online, you are dealing with people. If there are some dishonest and disrespectful clients or customers, your right is to avoid and reject them. However, your goal is to build a loyal customer base. Thus, be personal and trustful, and people will come back to you!

          Build with your site trust credibility and authority online. Mainly if you aim for long-term business online success, it is what you need to achieve and keep it. Become trustful to your visitors and customers, and you will be able to build a loyal customer base!

          With that said, you want your visitors to believe you what you say or show. Be honest in your statements, let them know who you are, provide Privacy Policy and About Us /Me content, accurate contact info, promote valuable and useful programs, sell great products, offer support and be present for your visitors or customers whenever they need you. As you know from the offline world, it is not easy to gain credibility and trust, but it is easy to lose it quickly! Same happens in the online world.

          There you have it! Does it sound too tricky? Probably yes! But, it is not so! It just takes a bit effort!

          Please notice that it is a process that counts. Every step is manageable through time. Put your "pieces of the puzzle together correctly!" Think for the moment and define what websites, pages, blog posts, authors, programs, or similar do you like to visit, explore, search for, read, and watch? Alternatively, even engage and interact?

          I am sure that the majority of them already established the authority in their niches within the industry online.

          Do you think they achieved that status overnight? I am sure you don’t!

          So, work on your credibility and authority online, and you will set the path to success.

          The Final Thoughts!

          Having a great product or service and most beautiful website is not enough to make the difference and to succeed big.

          As shown above, more factors influence success, and you can’t avoid them!

          Taking proper action, staying focused, relevant, and updated is the way to go. Only you know how far you want to get, but as the old saying says: “The longest trip starts with the first step!” After you build the foundation by creating a website you need, to build up your business is another step you need to overcome, which is associated with the massive promotion and maintaining your daily tasks as required.

          As in any other business, sport, artistic success, “the volume and intensity” make the difference. The proper effort is a guarantee you will become a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced affiliate or online marketer that will learn how to succeed.

          After you succeed, you will gain the “master status,” and your success will flourish!

          However, even if it is easier said than done, it is worth of trying and giving best! You never know where you end up!

          So, I hope you found some value in today’s post. If so, please leave a comment below and share it with friends.

          If you like to discuss the topic, let me know, and I would be more than pleased to open the discussion.

          I wish you all the best,

          Best regards,
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          Stay well, create great websites, convert best!

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