20 Magical Keys To Online Success!

Last Update: December 14, 2018

Hi everybody!

This post is a brief resume of the Kyle's webinar "The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce!" The webinar inspired me to write this post! In my opinion this webinar should every WA member attend! Other people that strive to have success online as well!

Kyle presented the reach real life and online experience in a very short time, all pointed to online success! The points I liked personally, and are listed below, are very important part of an online marketing and making money online endeavor. and success. These are agreat guide to improve your making money online skills and can lead you to success.

Following these advice will help anyone to position well within the very competitive online world. The points are actually very important topics that many people probably already know and parctice but don't use or utilize for their online businesses.

The points (you may call it steps as well) are the reality that produce magic results. Thus the title of the post: 20 Magical Keys to Online Success!

Each point is a key to one topic of the whole, the big picture.
The outcome of the picture depends solely on you!

Are you also "dreaming" about online success?
Use the keys to open the doors to online success!

The 20 "Magical keys"

Let your dream become reality!

1) The competence online
2) SEO practices
3) Marketing skills and needs
4) Work ethic
5) Hard but focused working
6) Building the foundation of the business for long-term success
7) Setting weekly realistic goals
8) Focusing on tasks
9) Sense of urgency
10) Full commitment o your business
11) Loving what you do
12) Failures are the "building bricks" of the successful offline and online business
13) The online mindset
14) Limitless opportunity online
15) Massive audience
16) Content creation and perfection
17) Focusing on one thing
18) Move one quickly if you don't like your first niche
19) How to overcome routine (examples):

  • helping people
  • learning new within your niche
  • take a break from your business
  • changing environment
  • change your setting
  • looking ahead of your business online

20) Understanding your audience in the first line

Obviously, each point is a topic for itself. How strong can you identify yourself with this online success advice? What are your strengths and weeknesses? Pull the brakes and consider what to do for success? You have a guide. Are you ready? I am also learning from it. We all do. Lets have great success in the 2019! Why not?

I wish much success, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

Best regards,

Stay well, market better, convert best!

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Israel17 Premium
Kudos to you, Igor13, for the awesome post! Thanks for enumerating the 20 magical keys to online business! I foresaw a lot of success in implementing all of these keys to any online business. Wish you success in a hundred folds!

Israel Olatunji
Igor13 Premium
Hi Israel!

Thanks a lot for your great comment. I appreciate it a lot. The Kyle's webinar inspired me to outline those points. Very real, to the point and accurate at any time of the online marketing and making money online process!

I could call these points as "Evergreen" points as well! Don't you think so as well?

Best regards and congrats to your great work here at WA!
bigrog44 Premium
Merry Christmas, Igor.
Igor13 Premium
Thanks, Roger!
Best regards!
bigrog44 Premium
You're welcome, Igor.
ShelleyAnn Premium
Great tips, thank you for sharing, Merry Christmas to you too! Shelley :-)
Igor13 Premium
Thanks, Shelley!
I appreciate it.
Best regards!
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Igor. When I get a free moment I'll be going over Kyle's and Carson's webinar. Jim