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My name is Robert and I live in the county of Fife, Scotland. I have been around internet marketing for a few years on and off. I have tried so many different "build a business websites" I forget quite a few of them. I have joined opportunities that don't cost a lot and I have joined some that I had to stop because I was running out off money. I do not blame these opportunities as it all comes back to me. I seem to lose momentum after a while and I need to look at the WHY??? this is happening. I have had a long hard look at this WHY??. I believe I need to make an effort to get into the middle of the bed and involve myself in the community and make some friends, I now believe I cannot do this on my own I need to surround myself with like minded friends and start sharing. I hope this lets you all know me a little and look forward to getting to know you. Success to all from Robert
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ELHC Premium
Your comments read like you have been reading my mail. I look forward to working with like-minded people like yourself.
chaye Premium
Thanks for the follow and welcome aboard. We are all here to help each other.
wei Premium
Hi Robert, thanks for sharing and following. Wish you success.
CoachEd Premium
thanks for the following and you are at the right place to do that for sure ---one lesson at a time and you will get there ---I f I can help let me know Have a great night or day now days --world wide web LOL !!!
wtbee2013 Premium
Thank you for following me back. You are right surrounding yourself with like minded people is smart and here there are some great people.
Enjoy and best wishes
God bless
JamesJr Premium
Thank you for following and may God bless your new business with great success!
pcook410 Premium
Thanks for following me, Robert. You have found the right community to make friends with the same marketing goals as you. I have found so many friends here who are willing to help when I get stuck trying to do something....or they encourage me when I'm disappointed in myself....or they give me an "attagirl" when I figure something out and make it work for me. Having friends cheering one another along is very stimulating. I find it hard to lose interest here. I hope that's the way it will work for you.

Shawn Martin Premium
Hi Robert! Thanks for the follow!
Jude12 Premium
Oh Robert! How good to meet you. My ancestors (and my husband's) are from Scotland and we very much want to go before we get too old to enjoy it. HA! We're native Texans. My maiden name is Pringle. Isn't there a county in Scotland with that name? I know they make or (made) some nice sweaters. Anyway, you are so right. I've been down that path of trying to do this business with promises and lies. You are out there on your own, but NOT here! I love this university and community. Motivating and such wonderful training. Now, back to my lesson...See you around here.
Colm Premium
Thanks for the follow. Best of luck here in WA!
Kezrok Premium
Welcome aboard Robert, it looks as if you are willing to try new things. Im with you on this. With the WHY?????, i just had a deny as an affiliate, their answer hurt a little but was honest and to the point. Their response was that it looks like my site is still under contruction,not much content yet. They are spot on. So this is a direction for me from those that know what they are after. So keep putting your stuff out there and learn as you go.
Cheers Kerry
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow!
2yorkiemom Premium
Thanks for the following? Do you have a heavy Scottish accent? I love to hear the Scottish langage.
okydoky Premium
Hello Robert. Thanks for the follow. I like your website. It's easy to read. All the best here at WA and I hope to see you again in this community.
Cheers, Ian
georama Premium
Thanks for the follow. Visited your site, read about you.You became sober after your accident. You have a charming daughter. Make her your inspiration and write your Success story in advance explaining transformation of ROBERT to ROBOT. God Bless you and Melane.
iamrobert Premium
Thanks for that, it means a lot to me. I actually had my last drink on 17thJan.1992 and I believe it was through the power of God. I tried doctors tried and family, they all tried to get me sober not even hospitals could do it. It all changed after I was told I was going to be a Father and I got on my Knees and asked for help from God a power greater than me. I knew very little of such things but today I believe god saved my life and relieved me from alcoholism. I had tried everything else so there it is. thank you God for my life today so as I could be a father to Melanie.
georama Premium
Enjoy your fatherhood. Do drink Apple Juice.
Prolife Premium
Thanks for giving me your follow, Robert. I hope these past three months have been of help to you. I highly recommend the WAbeners that Jay gives each week. They are full of useful information
mikesdesk Premium
Hi Robert
I had the pleasure of working in Leven near Kirkcaldy many years ago before I took off to New Zealand, it was supposed to be for two years, but here I am still 45 years later.
I still return to the UK every two or three years. our countries are similar. if iblindfolded you and placed you in the south Island you world swear you were at home.
wish you every success Robert.
Joshua0853 Premium
Hi Robert. Thanks for the follow. Great site!
Marvin63 Premium
Hi Robert, thanks for the follow! You've done a great job with your website. Keep up the good work.
MargaretY Premium
Hello Robert - thank you for including me in your network. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals. I hope, like me, you are enjoying the training and the community here. Kyle told me once that this is not a race, so set your own pace. Let's learn and succeed together.
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Robert. I think people lose their momentum when they either get bored or they are not seeing enough profit for their investment. It's very smart to be in a community of like minded people. Thank you for the follow.
jespinola Premium
Hey Robert. How are you? Welcome to WA. My name is Jorge. Are you enjoyining the training? If you any question just let me know :)
Matu Premium
Hello Robert, thanks for the follow and letting us know a bit about yourself. You are not alone in having fluctuating momentum and I agree with you that having others as part of your journey is important - for motivation, mentoring, teaching, being held accountability, all of which you get as part of WA. Success to you as well and thank you for allowing me to share your journey to success :)
Dan R. Crouch Premium
Robert, thank you for following me! I share in the frustration of trying a lot of things that did not work. However, I believe that you have found a place where you can stay motivated and have sucess! I look forward to following your success! If I can be of assistance please contact me!
uakoko Premium
Thank you for the follow, Robert. You are now in the middle of a community which will help you if you need help and will always be positive and cheer you up if you flag in your efforts, as we all do from time to time. You are going to make a lot of good friends who will cheer you on to success. I'm glad you are here!
wealthykiran Premium
Hi Robert. Thanks for following me. Its an honor. WIshing you the very best here at WA. Let me know if I could be of help. Cheers
Success Inc Premium
Hello Robert,
Thanks for choosing to follow me. I hope all is well with you. Have a great day.
Fernan Premium
Hi Robert

Thanks for the follow. I hope you can stay here this time. I will. I hope we keep in touch and help each other, I'm quite new to this myself.
bullet Premium
Hi Robert glad to have you onboard. I know what you mean in your profile it'sdiffercult to keep going, working hard and getting nothing in return. I'm at the stage now where I say to myself, there is no such thing as failure just a delayed victory. keep going and thanks for the follow.
davidknight Premium
Thanks for the follow ... define the why I hear you on that ... your why has to be very strong to continue to move day in and day out towards your goal.
Kewl Web Premium
Hi Robert. Thanks for the follow. I have had similar experiences to you and I am going through one of those phases right now at WA. People say reach out, ask for help get involved, but it is not the same online as having communication over the phone or face to face and in my opinion it is certainly not as efficient. I would say find a mentor or two here at WA among the members that will help and don't get distracted. It is very easy to get distracted here because of all the activity and information(and not all of it is up-to-date or accurate). I think it comes down to getting over the hump - when we start to lose momentum and in my case I need to have more confidence that it will work. I also tend to get bored easily not sure how to fix that one. Anyway, I'm going to follow you back. Looking forward to seeing your progress. All The Best!
Robert Paul Premium
Hi Robert, awesome and honest profile. Those are the great questions. You will find WA a helpful community. The best to you!
baruarajat Premium
Hi Robert, great Profile. As Far as i know "WHY" and "How" Are Two most important question in life. (Why it happen) (How can we Improve on) and many more with why and how. Once we find answers to "WHY" and "HOW' than WHAT, WHEN and WHERE are very easy question to answer. Wish you tons of success and best of luck.
indepth1 Premium
Thanks for joining our network of insightful people that can assist you in your quest for applications of learned skilled knowledge.charles.
Shields Premium
Hi there, Robert. In my opinion you have evaluated your situation exactly: you can spend yourself broke, you can lose hope and end in despair or quit entirely, or you can join WA and meet so many people that you really can get to know, even from your distance. Have at it!
divazona Premium
Hi Robert! Thank so much for the follow!
AnnieB Premium
Hello Robert and thank you for the follow. I was born in Bathgate, but lived in Dunfermline before coming out to Australia. You will love it here at WA. Just ask for help and anyone who can will help you. Best wishes.
acoolmil Premium
Thank you Robert for following me, from the other side of the Irish Sea, in Cork. Con
sidekick Premium
Thank you for following me Robert. I wish you success in WA! Let me know if you have any questions.
Al 5X Premium
Hi Robert, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, and thanks for the follow back, wish you all the best.
betcha Premium
Thanks for the follow, Robert, and welcome back to the world of IM! I believe you got into the right place to look for the "why's" and made the right decision to surround yourself with people who can support you to become successful in the business. More blessings to you!
insightful1 Premium
thanks for the follow robert.
leeworld13 Premium
Hi i just want to say a very quick thanks for the following and i will certainly return the favour
I look forward to some interesting discussions in due course
Hudson Premium
Hi there. Thanks for the follow and welcome to WA. If I can help at any time please just ask
BIS Premium
How Robert. Nice to meet a fellow Brit. I live in Yorkshire. You've said you lose momentum. My advice here is follow the courses, take action and make sure that you ask lots of questions.

Good luck
tiriskia Premium
Hi Iamrobert: Welcome to this unique community. You have made a very wise decision
joining WA. I have been here a short while but found out early how friendly and helpful the members are. Stay focused. I am following you. Best wishes to you and the best of luck.
janrenee Premium
Thanks for the follow! I followed back! Hope to see you around WA. Best wishes for great success!
JPMorgan Premium
Thank you for the follow.
If start to lose momentum get a hold of us and we'll get your momentum going again.
We all have peaks and valleys. This is a good place to get kick stared when we need it.
Positive thinking produces positive results.
Much success to you

Bill & Lynne
Carson Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I hope that you are enjoying your first day here within the community and have had a chance to poke around and see what we have to offer. As you get started I'd like to suggest working through the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course as it will give you a very solid understanding of how Internet marketing works and how you can leverage the Internet to earn revenue.

This training is on your Dashboard and can be found in the main menu:

I am here to help at each step of the way so please do not hesitate to ask for anything :)

iamrobert Premium
Hey Carson, A big thanks for the welcome and even though I have been around for a while, lets call it scatting around. i will be taking your advice and start at the beginning. it is amazing to find all this necessary training, programs and community all under one roof. I am ready for this and hope to get to know you guys that put all this together.

Marcus WFHW Premium
On behalf of the entire Work From Home Watchdog team, we would like to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate!

We appreciate that you are probably excited to get started, but we just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to the community, and give you details of how you can connect with us here at WA. Our profile pages can be found via the following pages:

https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/skiergal - Terri
https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mission0ps - Tony
https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/bigman - Neil
https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/marcus - Marcus

Alternatively you can search for any of us by using the search function at the top of the page by typing:

'@skiergal' - for Terri
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'@Bigman' - for Neil
'@Marcus' - for Marcus

Or you can look out for us in the Live Chat section on the right hand side of your dashboard - please stop by and say hello!

That's it for now. We truly hope that Wealthy Affiliate brings you great success with your own work from home career, and we look forward to working with you within this fantastic community!