Watch Out For My Interview Acting Skills haha

Last Update: November 29, 2011

So I was walking by the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) showcase or whatever it's called and I was interviewed on the basis that I would be bribed by Lindor chocolate.

 I immediately accepted the offer and went to make a mockery of everything, hope you enjoy it :) and happy learning at WA :)

The Interview

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Deezdz Premium
I want that big frigg'n Lindor Chocolate you're holding!
Hussien Premium
Thanks for watching guys :) glad you enjoyed it
jatdebeaune Premium
Yeah, I think Lindor chocolate makes you smarter too. Wonderful video and you're one of the stars.
meknowsu Premium
Aww this is so cute, you are famous now Hussien!

Thats great it must have been fun being on TV and the bag of Lindor chocolate they gave you was Huge. LOL
Kyle Premium Plus
Hussein, that is awesome dude!
susandk Premium
Great interview!! You are a natural in front of the camera!! Thanks for sharing it.