What is a blog in a nutshel to me?

Last Update: June 17, 2019

Every blog generates income in different ways.

A blog is simply a platform where you can express yourself using different types of media.

Because people read or watch or listen to your blog they are also presented with different forms of advertising. You can sell other peoples products, sell advertising space, your own products or services.

Here are some training videos, where I share some basic principles for all of you aspiring bloggers.

What Not to Do When You Are Starting a New Blog?

Simple Tips to Improve Your Blog Almost Instantly

4 Profitable Niches with Sustainable Income Potential

I get asked very often if I am a writer. My answer is "No". I am a blogger and content creator in the name of value and profit.

It seem simple.

Anyone can be a blogger and the moment you post anything on social media you are a content creator.

But here is the difference. It is in one word.


I post to give value and get people to visit my platforms. To get them to read something useful and helpful. To build relationships and trust and have fun while doing it.

Hope you have your own version of why building a blogging business is a great formula for creative profit.

Keep it simple. Keep it real and Enjoy!

Enjoy your day wherever you are on the amazing planet Earth!

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DaisyK78 Premium
Another goodie from you. Thank you!
Love your philosophy
🙏 Daisy
howdoiblog Premium
That's great Daisy!
Thank you so much!
mcknisu Premium
Hi and thank you for your great posts...great content!
howdoiblog Premium
Thank you so much!
juanster2017 Premium
Thanks for sharing this post I learned something reading it
howdoiblog Premium
That's great! Thank you for reading it!
jboi411 Premium
Thank you howdoiblog! It's Awesome of you to share how you succeed! Helping others is a trait I love in people!
howdoiblog Premium
I am delighted to read your comment. Thank you so much!
I wish you every success, that you desire!
Wdcope Premium
Sounds great to me. sometimes we equate value by size which is not always the case. I agree that value is something you can not put a size restriction or requirement since it affects each reader differently.
howdoiblog Premium
Yes, indeed. That's true.
Thank you!