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Every blog generates income in different ways. A blog is simply a platform where you can express yourself using different types of media. Because people read or watch or listen to your blog they are also presented with different forms of advertising. You can sell other peoples products, sell advertising space, your own products or services.Here are some training videos, where I share some basic principles for all of you aspiring bloggers. What Not to Do When You Are Starting a New Blog?Simple T
I went vegan in 2012. Now writing about food has become the most popular topic on my blog. Regardless of what your favourite foods are, there are a few reasons why blogging about food is one of the easiest ways to start a blog. 1. There is an abundance of food choices- snacks, fast food restaurants, ready-made meals, cooked from scratch dishes. There are numerous types of diets, beginners bakers and cake makers, regional foods and budget related cooking. Also, nearly every holiday revolves ar