How to deal with newcomers at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Oct 20, 2017


Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate...

For some time I have had the privilege to partake in welcoming newcomers, to our amazing Wealthy Affiliate community...

What pleasure to "land" on the highly sought after membership platform, with people from all over the world, actually participating in, and helping each other with achieving online business success, through affiliate marketing!

No where else, have I ever seen such transparency and a totally selflessness, almost sacrificial mode of time and effort, in guiding, especially newbies or total beginners, to the usual cut throat online bloodbath field of learning, how to make money online!

When you take up the free trial of creating your first ever websites(2), the thrill and excitement just takes over, and the progressiveness, again with the support of other more experienced members, is just phenomenal.

These newcomers vary from absolutely novices, some how have difficulty in even sending emails and other basic tasks, to seasoned webmasters and IT related experts.

I have never seen such variety of talents seeking to learn the basic of affiliate marketing, and eventually reaching their dreams, through goals set, throughout the most comprehensive free training, offered to both beginners and experienced members.

The question how to deal with such variety of newcomers, must be answered with;

"Do to others, the way you would like them to to you"...

Help, help and more help and support, right from the beginning, and throughout their entire stay, whether short or lengthy time, night or day!

Wealthy Affiliate has a unique 24/7/365 support, and whether you're in China, US, UK or Down Under Australia and New Zealand, there are always somebody to assist you!

Never ever, seen anything like it, since started online business in 2008, and this kind of expertise support is priceless, for any budding online entrepreneurs, seeking stability and security, when it comes to hosting and technical back-up.

It's simply priceless !

Thank you, to a unique WA community of internet marketing affiliates, ready to help you achieve your God-given abilities.

See you soon(:

Cheers & blessings,




Recent Comments


Awesome post Eric, thank you for sharing. Yes, this is a great place to be.

Great post. Thanks to all of the helpers. We need them.

Wonderful way to welcome new comers. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Luisa(:

Indeed! Thnx for sharing.

Thank you, love your encouragement(:

I love this community. It's awesome to have so much help. Will do my best to do the same for others. Thank you Eric.

Thank you for your encouragement(:

Great advice, Eric!

Thanks, Jean, for your support and mateship(:

I've only been here a month and a half and I have gotten a lot of help. It's awesome! Thanks

Thanks please pay it forward(:

It is the place to be, Eric!!

Amen Carol(: Thanks!

Awesome stuff. yeah showing the newbies how to push themselves along the training at WA is the greater help we can ever anticipate.

Thanks for sharing.

Always encouraging Phakacha(: Thanks, mate.

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