Adding Posts To A Home Page

Last Update: February 19, 2020

Does anyone know of a good plugin to use for adding posts to a static page? I want to add 4-6 posts with images to my home page. Thanks.

Holly Knudson

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michaelvgATN Premium
This might be what you're looking for, although I might be a few years late:

From WordPress backend, go to:

settings>reading>Your homepage displays>Your latest Posts

Then to add posts, go to WA main menu>websites>Site content> Create new post.

This will allow you to enjoy using the WA Style writer, for which you can publish new content to your site.

I think this might help you, but if not send me a message in private message so I don't miss anything.
Stanleycmng Premium
That's great. You are making good progress.
Labman Premium Plus
Many themes have that sort of functionality. You can also create widgets that will display your post images.
Hollshope Premium
I hadn’t thought of using widgets. Thank you!