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April 05, 2020
Has anyone set up your referral messags but they aren't sending? How many referral messages did you set up? I have mine enabled but they're not automatically sending. Any ideas on why this could be? Thanks:)Holly
February 19, 2020
Does anyone know of a good plugin to use for adding posts to a static page? I want to add 4-6 posts with images to my home page. Thanks.Holly Knudson
June 07, 2019
Hi Everyone,I'm thinking of creating an Amazon online store for one of my websites. I know I can't put pricing or use their images, just my affiliate links that direct people to purchase on Amazon.I've been scouting out images for products on the manufacturer's websites. My question is, the pictures on Amazon and the manufacturer website look so similar, how will Amazon not know I didn't screenshot their images? Have any of you wondered about this as well when creating an online store?Thanks bu
I just added a You Tube video to my homepage and it's slowing down my site. I didn't think this would be an issue since the video is hosted on You Tube. Has anyone else run into this problem? What do I do about it?Thanks so much for your thoughts!Holly
Here's a question I hope someone can answer. Why aren't keywords for Uber Suggest and Jaaxy the same? I can find a great keyword in Uber Suggest, yet it's a terrible one in Jaaxy. I'm confused. Help?Holly
May 22, 2019
I've been optimizing my old content and came across an article that didn't have a good keyword. Is it a bad idea to change the title in order to have a good keyword and do a 301 redirect? Thanks for taking the time to reply!Holly
April 08, 2019
Happy Monday Everyone,I'm looking to buy a Premium theme for one of my sites, and am debating between StudioPress, Elegant themes or ThemeIsle, with the first two being my top picks. What are your favorite themes and why? Are there other options that are better?With so many options, my head is spinning, and I'd like to hear experiences you may have personally with these themes? The theme will be for my affiliate marketing website. Thank you!Holly
March 22, 2019
Is anyone here using the plugin WP Product Review Light and receiving errors when submitting a URL to Google? I'm repeatedly seeing 7 errors, such as "Missing field "Sku," missing field "brand" and "product ID," but I don't see where to correct those field in the review area. Just wondering if anyone else here as experienced this issue or a similar one, and could offer some insights?Thank you!
December 31, 2018
I've officially been at Weathy Affiliate for an entire year. Just received my badge. I'm feeling pretty pleased, and thought I'd share it with all you amazing people.Here's to a properous 2019. Happy New Year!
December 20, 2018
Has anyone else, besides me, had their Pinterest account suspended? Apparently, I violated the rules, but have no idea what I did. I would appreciate hearing if any of you have had a similar experience.Thank you!