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I live in the UK and about 50% of my traffic comes from the uk. I found a high ranking keyword, however, the word has american spelling. The English equivalent doesn't rank as high. Should I go for the UK spelling which goes with my site or the US spelling which ranks higher?Thanks!
December 04, 2018
I have a beauty blog and I get comments the whole time from men who write they don't know anything about beauty but they've saved it for their wife. These aren't the comments I'm after! They don't look good on my site and they don't add anything. People shouldn't comment if they don't know the subject. A way around the issue is to close the comment window and come back 5 minutes later where hopefully you'll get a more relevant site to comment on.
April 30, 2018
So I haven't posted any updates in a while and some of you may be wondering where I'm holding. I am still working on my beauty and makeup site which I'm really enjoying but, I wish was doing a lot better than it is. My last post was that I made my first few sales. Since then I have continued to make sales most months, but its small change. Nothing that even adds up to anything.I have all the best excuses for this, some months I barely posted. I'm highly pregnant now, due any day in fact, and fo
July 30, 2017
I honestly never thought this would happen but I made 3 sales in the last 2 weeks! I hadn't checked my affiliate programs in a while and today I decided to check them. I didn't make much but it's a start and I'm so happy that my hard work is finally starting to pay off.
June 19, 2017
I did a training this week by Jay about how to get on to the first page on google. I just posted my first article since I watched the training, and I'm the 2nd ranked on google! I'm in shock that it really worked. Although I know I shouldn't be, Jay knows what he's talking about:)
June 16, 2017
I have finally got my google adsense up and running which I am very excited about! I have also been posting twice a week consistently now for a couple of months which is something I am proud of. The hardest part of my website is the writing. It was never my thing:( I am getting used to how to go about it, so it has become that bit easier. However, as soon as I become profitable the first change I'm making is to get someone to write my articles. I am definitely looking forward to that!
May 22, 2017
After being here for about 5 months I have finally finished my training! Even though I'm not seeing results yet I've learnt so much here and so far I've really enjoyed my journey:)Thanks to all those who have helped me on the way!
Hi, Ive jusr set up my facebook page. Please like my page. Ill like yours back!
December 22, 2016
I've just gone premium. I really hope that i'll be successful here- i've been looking for a while for something that I can do from home and make real money. Super excited to get started!