Mega Review Of The Jaaxy Search Engine Keyword Tool

Last Update: March 02, 2018

I spent most of today writing what turned into a mega blog post about the Jaaxy search engine keyword tool for my primary blog.

Friday is the day I like to publish a "newsletter" type of blog post. Ideally, I'd get it done a few days before, but that did not happen this week.

But I was home all day, so I got stuck in, following the advice I've been picking up on Wealthy Affiliate.

Today's topic was search engine keyword tools, leading in to a review of Jaaxy.

I've been using Jaaxy a lot since the search engine keyword tool was integrated into Wealthy Affiliate.

It's an amazing deal since the Pro version of Jaaxy costs $49 per month, the same as the Premium monthly fee here at WA. But we get to enjoy the Lite version of Jaaxy for no extra cost.

In researching for Jaaxy I found out quite a lot of good stuff that I'd not used before.

Jaaxy: More Than "Just" A Search Engine Keyword Tool

Actually, Jaaxy is more than "just" a search engine keyword tool. In my blog post I asked the question, "what is a keyword research tool for?" and the answer was "not just for SEO research!"

Earlier this week I was using Jaaxy to find 50 keyword phrases to use in my blog posts. (That's one of the tasks Kyle set for the first month of our Super Affiliates group training.)

Alphabet Soup

(Creative Commons 4.0, source: peterjamesthomas .com/2017/01/10/alphabet-soup/)

Researching 50 keyword phrases led me to Jaaxy's Alphabet Soup tool and I quickly found a whole bunch of unexpectedly awesome keyword phrases. One that attracts traffic but has zero competition, another with a ton of traffic and low competition.

That's the kind of thing you can do with a search engine keyword tool designed by and for affiliate marketers and niche bloggers like us. :-)

Today, I learnt about the other stuff that Jaaxy can do, such as find good affiliate programs for your niche market.

There's also a brainstorming tool to help you find trends and new ideas.

You can check out your competition, and monitor your blog ranking history so you can see how much progress you're making.

Words, words, words...

Anyway, what started as a normal length blog post of 750-1000 words grew into a 1914 word mega blog post.

I set my word count and article publishing goals in the Site Content tool last thing yesterday night (completing two more of Kyle's tasks for the Super Affiliate Group). Here are my targets, and the dent that today's blogging effort has put into it:

In addition, I followed Jay's Live Video Class training about blogging in 2018 and used his list of things to while writing and after posting the article.

Other Stuff Too

And that, in turn, helped me to get off to a fast start with some of my other March goals:

I sent a broadcast to my mailing list, hitting my "at least once a month" target for that job (something I failed to do in January and February). :-)

I had a break after lunch as I was beginning to nod off... I lay down and did a "10 minute meditation," listening to a YouTube "Headspace" video. - I aim to do four 10-minute meditations a month.

Then I did a breathing exercise, or rather, a breath-holding exercise as taught by Wim Hof, the amazing and deeply eccentric "ice man."

Deep breathing, then breathe out and hold your breath. My target for the year is 3 minutes, and today I managed 135 seconds without feeling any need to breathe. (That's another monthly goal checked off the list!)

Highly recommended: What Doesn't Kill Us, Scott Carney's account of meeting Wim Hof and how that experience changed his life. (Source = Amazon)

Then I spent the rest of the day finishing off the Jaaxy search engine keyword tool article, publishing and promoting it.

If you haven't made much use of Jaaxy until now, get your act together and start working with it.

NOTE: FREE members of Wealthy Affiliate can use Jaaxy to search for 30 keyword phrases, so at least give it a go, it's now an integral part of life at WA!


David Hurley


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Thanks, David,
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Hi Tim,

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Great insights into Jaaxy
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Thank you! Glad you found something of value in my post. :-) Jaaxy is well worth working with.
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