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I Wealthy Affiliate in October 2015 as a free member. I only stayed "free" for a few days as I could see the value in the high quality SiteRubix wordpress hosting service as well as the impressive array of training resources. Of course, I took advantage of the 50% discount for the first month of Premium to familiarize myself with all the WA was offering.Taking Advantage of the Black Friday DiscountJoining Wealthy Affiliate in October was a good move because a month later the Black Friday discou
I've been thinking about entrepreneur productivity hacks since listening to Seth Godin talking about"writers block" on his new podcast, business bloggers, there's always a ton of stuff that needs to be done and things like writer's block (which Seth says doesn't really exist) can badly affect our output.Seth argues that writer's block was invented by the Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley (left), and that it is really a fear of not being good enough. So Seth offers a nice product
I spent most of today writing what turned into a mega blog post about the Jaaxy search engine keyword tool for my primary blog.Friday is the day I like to publish a "newsletter" type of blog post. Ideally, I'd get it done a few days before, but that did not happen this week.But I was home all day, so I got stuck in, following the advice I've been picking up on Wealthy Affiliate.Today's topic was search engine keyword tools, leading in to a review of Jaaxy.I've been using Jaaxy a lot since the s
It's Saint David's Day today :-), a day of leeks and daffodils (if you are Welsh), a new month, and time for me to assess how I did in February...I have two sets of regular targets, monthly targets, and daily profit targets for my online business, as I explained in my post at the beginning of February: is always a challenging month for me.I work offline as a freelance English teacher, and the beginning of February finds me f
Here's my report about my performance in January, looking at my regular monthly targets and my daily online profit target.Regular Monthly TargetsEvery month I track my performance over a set of target activities which are divided into several categories. The number of categories and targets changes from time to time, but here are my current monthly performance categories:Body (3 achievement targets)Mind (2 achievement targets)Money (3 achievement targets)Lending/Giving (2 achievement targets)Bl
I started working on Bo Tipton's Go-Getters coaching course last night.Work Out Your Schedule!One of the questions was, how many hours are you going to work? And what will your schedule be? That forced me to break down my weekly hours, which was difficult because my schedule changes several times a year.So I decided to calculate for the maximum hours that I'd be working and see how much time it would leave. It looked pretty bad and I was tempted to use it as an excuse NOT to commit to the train
Here's how to improve your blog post with a k i s s. I promise you, once you've given one blog post a k i s s, you'll promiscuously wish to give them all a k i s s. ;)Othello gave Desdemona a kiss after he'd murdered her. But when you give your blog post a k i s s you will bring it back to life.The problem with a lot of blog posts is that they are too difficult to read. The sentences are too long. Every sentence has to do too much work. Why do you use long words when there are short ones that a
One of the many benefits of SiteRubix hosting is that it makes it easy to test website download speed from within the SiteRubix dashboard which is integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate membership site.All you need to do is click the SiteRubix button in the main menu, then the Site Manager option. If you have several Wordpress blogs, scroll to the one you want to work on and then click the Details button and scroll down to Page Speed Insights.Then simply click "Google Page Speed Insights" to tes
A nice message greeted me today when I logged in to my Wealthy Affiliate account. I had made it into the top 200 in the WA rankings. One of my aims for this year is to get more involved with the community here, so it is nice to see that reflected in my rank.There is a lot to appreciate about our WA community and about the benefits that membership brings. Here are ten Wealthy Affiliate benefits that I especially enjoy, my top ten reasons to celebrate being a member of WA:1. Getting to know a lot
When you publish a new blog post on your Wordpress blog, it automatically "pings" an update notification service called which in turn notifies various search engines that there's some exciting new content on your blog.There is a field on the Settings - Writing page where you can add or delete pinging services (see screenshot, below). But how many Wordpress ping services do you really need?A few years ago "savvy" Wordpress bloggers used to pop over to the Wordpress Codex page that