This Year's WA Special Deal

Last Update: November 23, 2021

Purchased my first Black Friday Special Deal already - I just couldn't wait! My yearly membership was due to end on Black Friday but I renewed it today. It's done and dusted -even got the email from Kyle about the new bonuses including a link to the new alphabet soup tool.

This year's bonuses are awesome and will set all the premium plus members up for a great start to the New Year. I appreciate that there are those who may not be able to afford to join at this level, but for everyone else the question is "Can you afford not to join as a WA Premium Plus Member?"

There is also a $299 yearly option and also monthly options but the Premium Plus Membership is the only one with the new alphabet soup software.

I am going to be spending the rest of the evening playing with my new awesome toy - The Alphabet Soup Tool! Seriously though it is just one more additional benefit of being a Premium Plus member. It's so easy to upgrade. I did it in a couple of minutes on my android. Just clicked the discount button and had to pay only $499 - as far as I am concerned that was a real steal to put it mildly.

Congratulations to everyone who has joined this wonderful community or is planning to take advantage of the Special Black Friday Deals in the next few days.

To Your Success!!

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Christorv Premium Plus
You done a good thing, Hilary, did the same thing last year and was glad for those extra savings. Got to hire a VA for a few months due to that 🤣👌
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Congratulations on upgrading Hilary, I am sure that the Premium + will be everything you expect and them some!
hilarybassak Premium Plus
Hi Jesse I was already a premium plus member but now there are even more goodies and I am really excited about the coming bonuses
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very true, Hilary! Best deal ever!

CherryRed20 Premium

It's good that you can renew the membership.

Newme202 Premium
Wow Hilary
That's awesome
Thank you for sharing
Awesome renewal :)