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Last Update: March 05, 2018

Hi there,

today I finally reached some goals, after a long struggle.

1) I put follow icons and share icons both for desktop and mobile. After some researches I found a widget for Word Press, with a video-tutorial too, to install share and follow buttons. The widget is called GetSocial, its highly customizable. You can chose between a lot of applications:

  • Sharing Apps
  • Tracking and Engagement Tools
  • Follow Apps
  • Integration (such as Google Analytics)

It was such a good thing finding this widget, because it solved a lot of problems I was wrestling against lately. I can't tell you how much I'm relieved.

2) I finally published my first Keyword Reach Content Page and I used a "low hanging fruit" keyword. So proud of me!

As I told you it seems That I'm taking my time... I work every day at my blog and I would like to be faster, but given that I'm new at this I need time. Every day I learn something new and I go a little further. It's not easy, sometimes I would like to throw my PC on the wall, but then I stop 'cause I need it to work ^_^

Ok folks, I wish this post will be useful and see you soon,


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dlum11 Premium
Congratulations, no matter how much you beat yourself up.You have forward momentum,yes theirs alot of material we have to study.Everybodys approach is different. I'm glad and happy on your progress. DOUG
hiamari Premium
Thanks Douglas :)
hiamari Premium
Thank you all guys to encourage me, I appreciate it so much! :)
JeannineC Premium
Good for you to take all the time you need to learn the process. It's not a race with a deadline, it's an education and that doesn't happen the same way for everyone. Oh yeah, and we've all wanted to throw our laptops against the wall along the way!
ccapo Premium
All this still makes my head spin. You are on your way to the top
AlexEvans Premium
Classic Arianna, some of those laptops don't know how lucky they are somedays. It can be challenging but that feeling that we get when we work out how to do stuff and actually put it into practice and get results is hard to beat.
Pleased for you, it can take time but every step is a step in the right direction.