Hello from the other side, i must have tried a thousand times.

Last Update: May 22, 2018

....to make cash online, anyway here I am, I have arrived, I’m sorry that I’m late, I shall endeavour to make up for lost time!

To give you a little background about myself, I’m going to list a couple of my weak points but more importantly, a few strengths, so if you follow me, you’ll know which buttons to press!

Money management has never been a friend to me, ok maybe it was for a couple of years when I was young and had no outgoings, however, since those many moons ago, it’s been pants ever since.

I’m not a social butterfly. Push or pull me into a social gathering and I’ll be the one stood at the fire exit with my back against the exit bar ready or hoping for it to swing open, I’m ok on a one to one, but in a group, you might as well wave bye-bye to me there and then.

Anyway, enough of the negativity and onto the positives, I would like to think that I’ve been blessed with a little creative grey matter, and once I engage it into gear, I’m off, I want to inspire, I want to ignite ideas, for others to feed off, I want it to be contagious and outrageous if it means that people will sit up and take notice.

It’s funny, I’m 49 now and I feel mentally liberated since joining here, and that’s the first time in 40 years, when I think back to being a high flying 9 year old, acing the best grades, thriving on teachers praise, it was abruptly and cruelly halted when I made the wrong choice to pal up with some not so great ‘friends’., within a year I’d gone from being a 90% A student to a 40-50% average joe kid. I can pinpoint it down to one of my ‘friends’ who virtually single-handed my smothered my flair and ability and shoved it into a box and taped it shut. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m sat here, in the comfort of being behind a 5”x3” glass screen, and can feel a little salty water welling at the bottom of my eyes, which to me feels like a happy tear or two, as I feel I’m about to embark on a fantastic new experience, and I can, once and for all, burst out of that tapedbox, and express some good feelings that I want to share and experience with a new and extended family in the shape of WA.

Best wishes and thankyou for reading


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Mark-AI Premium
Well done for finding WA. Your new life awaits!
dchapman3 Premium
This will be amazing for you and your community.
skandy85 Premium Plus
It is the beginning of something awesome my friend! get stuck in with the training and let me know if you need any help.
Heyday Premium
Thankyou Sheila, it certainly has, apologies for the brain dump, but it sure feels good after!
skendrick4 Premium
Your journey has begun! Make it a good one. Happy to see you free.