Making money sites vs. selling products, or both?

Last Update: Feb 3, 2018



Being a web designer and author by profession, I've designed more than a few sites here. I have even moved my web business to WA and have designed 2 sites for clients. I have a few sites that are for selling products and a couple promoting Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, among other affiliates.


I have realized that promoting WA and gaining referrals is much more lucrative. By creating a simple page with some content and a "Discover More" link, you can then send your visitors to another page with more content and where they fill out their name and email address in order to receive a "GIVEAWAY." This builds an email list where you can correspond daily with your "clients."


Now this "GIVEAWAY" or "FREE PROMOTIONAL GIFT" can be something that will intrigue your visitors and should relate to what they clicked on your site in the first place for. I am writing an eBook of what they can expect when they click to my next link. It is giving information to them with a summary of the value of Wealthy Affiliate and what to expect when they join. I am only writing about Level 1 -- a brief overview of all it entails, which is what they will receive as a Starter Member. The eBook doesn't have to be long--maybe around 15 or 16 pages or so.


In order to gain exposure with your business, you must offer something to keep their interest peaked. I am also creating a video. (Did I say video? Yikes, I've never done one of those before!) This video will be a short but thorough rundown of what WA is all about and it will go next to the email form that they fill out. This will give them more information on what to expect when they click onto the next page, and the odds in them clicking on after watching the video will rise considerably! There will also be a much better chance in them trying a Starter Membership at WA!

So, a quick rundown of pages:

Initial Page with Content, Name & Email page with more Content, Free Giveaway and Video. They click onto the next page and it sends the Giveaway to their email, and they are then on the page to sign up with WA.


So, that's where I am. I think the greatest thing you could do for yourself would be to create a make money online site promoting Wealthy Affiliate because it will build up referrals who may go on to become Premium members. This will create residual income for years to come! For those who are new, you can review the rundown by clicking the WA Affiliate Program link on the left side.

I would love to hear your thoughts on THIS one!

All the best, friends!

Erin :)))!

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Thanks for this Erin. I am doing boot camp with a fresh start and new ideas.

You're welcome, Trevor! Love your name! That is the name my Mom choice if I were to be a boy! Haha!

Anyway, it is great to make a fresh start with a new mindset and with a new challenge! I wish you all the very best. See you around again, I'm sure...and thanks for your comment!

Thanks Erin . That’s neat. I looked at your website today. Very nice.

Thank you for sharing! Helpful advices!

You're so welcome and I'm glad it was of use to you! Thank you kindly for your input and see you around!

This is what I intend to do after My Niche site is set up.
As we now have a wonderful setup for affiliate marketing,better than I have seen before.
It is up to us members to Promote WA and Help others to gain the knowledgs experience and Income .
Win Win for all.

Get promoting


So true, Bill! It is an amazing way to earn income and promote at the same time, where everyone will benefit! Great comment! Thanks for swinging by and I'll see you again, I'm sure!

Great post and very helpful to anyone wanting to start promoting WA or anything online for that matter. This is a great roadmap to getting started so thank you very much!

You are so very welcome and I'm glad to help out! Promoting a great company like Wealthy Affiliate not only establishes credibility for us, it gives us confidence in leading people to something we know will benefit them...and chances are that they will see it, too! Great comment and see you again!

Great to have a lead generation mindset Herrine!

Thanks! I like that..lead generation mindset. It motivates me even more to get this business rolling! Thanks for the boost!

You're most welcome Herrine!

Thanks for sharing.

You're quite welcome!! My pleasure!

I join based on Eric Encantu's video review of is AWOL a scam. I think the use of video and other related materials is key. Thank you for the layout or process of marketing affiliate business.

Thanks so much for your input!

It proves my point with videos leading someone--like you--to the next step in joining our platform! I also got here, as most of us have, through a WA promotion site! It is working every hour of every day for thousands, so why not take advantage of the opportunity?!! I appreciate your views!

Well done Erin, I like the way you have written this and now want the eBook because you have convinced me.


WOW! Thanks, Tom! I'm still in the process of writing the eBook, but it should be finished this coming week. I will then be posting my My Wealth at Home site within the month on my profile. You can go through the process there if you wish, or maybe I'll even post it here! LOL. Great chatting with you and I look forward to seeing you around again!

We are team workers helping and encouraging each other. We will go places as we work together.
I have an eBook ready to go one day.


I Like the opening page or "the start of a Funnel" but wonder if the Keyword " make money online" is not to difficult to compete.
Writing an ebook has also given me some inspiration. Joining any group can be overwhelming to start and a handy guide could be helpful.
A sort of summary of the training with tips on achievement.

Keep up the good work.

peter H

Yes, it makes perfect sense to write such a guide that will help people make the wise decision to join WA. I know I am also learning a lot more, too, just by writing about WA! I am only writing about Level 1 in the eBook, but will include tips from the other Levels, etc. in the emails I will send them upon their signing up.

Also, you'll have to play around with the keywords to make them more unique and less competitive.

Thanks for your ideas! Happy funneling!

Very nice information!
I totally agree with your break down but for me the number one reason I joined WA was to learn everything I can about getting traffic. No matter what kind of website you make, if you can't get the traffic, the website will bomb, lol.

Thank you!

Of course, the most important thing to work on when creating your site is getting traffic -- and another blog post all together! Thanks so much for your input! Great point!

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