What is stopping you-slowing you down

Last Update: October 13, 2019

So what have you done so far. Are you working on your pace to heading towards your goal.

Are you the slow, the average, and the speedy. So what stopping you to your progress. You have make a Commitment. So is all about your plan to get there your ultimate goal.

What stopping you as you have joined and what makes you made your mind to join premium or to remain as a starter in Wealthy Affiliate. And of course if you have pay the monthly what slowing you down to get your website go on line and getting your contents started or continue to write a better contents.

I am sure there is a reason for everyone that is the biggest obstacle to their commitment. Is it you have no choice as that is your hope and your only reason you join is about the $$$$. Of course is always about the money.

But when you have this mind self of self doubts then you are hesitated to take action as there will be something that is lingering in your mind that is preventing you to take action.

You pause when you continue to progress when you face the $$$$$$$ effect you got to pay for monthly and then you need to be a writer to write a content. You are literally racing for the time and want it to be as fast as you could to learn everything and generate an income in short time.

Then everything get struck that you need to own your own domain to start your online business. So you are to obsess into thinking about $$$$$$all the time that you are actually racing against the time to made money. But when you found out is not going to happen soon you stop and eventually quit even before you start.

So is just the beginning at first where it requires you to take the lesson step by step and learning the process. It is design to be in steps that helping you to mostly understand the concept.

But do we really understand as we have not seen success but we can read from people successful story that it works. It is just that you need time to work on it and Patiently understanding the process.

You can skip the lesson and go straight to the end or middle but you are trying to make things happening in your own pace that is speeding things fast by skipping the lesson and the task and you want instantly learn.

So you will end up messing around with the processes especially the steps as you used the shortcut. Are we able to understand something if you were to go though it the 1st time.? No right! It took me months to finally really understand about Wealthy Affiliate Marketing platform is about.

After going though again and again and again and again and again and again and again finally I started to understand and feel to the tune of the lesson that I keep going back to the lesson to actually understand it.Although, at first you don't really understand what is this all about.

Only after repetition and repetition only to find that I finally have idea on what I am going in about it.

Example the keyword. Is just a sample dual word combine into one. Key +word. But it really took me sometimes to understand why we want to used keyword for our website. Why is important to used keyword and the need to do research on your contents that you need to write relating to your niche.

Why you want to go to Jaaxy platform or Google search to spending most of you time typing the keyword that you are going to used to write you contents. And why you need Under hundred QSR your competitors and your average monthly traffic to your website. To be at least 30 or more.

So it makes sense that what you do as you have more clarity on what you are doing. The problem is that we tend to skip things or change the wheel. As, everything here is ready. We have all the resources here in Wealthy Affiliate. Is now up to us.

Is all about mindset that what is stopping you. If you have the desperate mind or needing mind then it will not drive you to success it will drive away from you.

So don't think much about $$$$ too much as is all about thinking investing in yourself that will lead you to the process of step by step. Is like going to understand your niche and what type of passion you have your interest and then you build your website to activating and set your All in one SEO then you search for keyword and search in The Jaaxy platform and owning your domain and write your contents following the keyword to publish and post in your website to get ranked in SE like Google.

Finally, there is one more important point of stopping our progress is you feel overwhelming and feeling not good enough. This is due to you want to be perfectionists. You don't to be a writer to write a content or a techie to learn WordPress or a marketer as all the resources is ready for you to go. So no need to feel that you are not good enough just follow the wheel and not reinvent it everything is here you just need to follow the steps and put the work on it.

So what stopping or slowing you down to your goals to achieve what you want in Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for reading. If you have any comments or things that you have in mind please share it out. Thank you for your precious time and all the best into making the best.


Henry Shee

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Fleeky Premium
Health and technical issues slowed me down
Life can be a roller coster
HenryPing Premium
Yes pls take of health 1st.🙏👌
Fleeky Premium
Thank you
ColinP1 Premium
Six days in am a sponge now again how refreshing to be a sponge and absorb the thrill of the chase. Business has always been for myself a thrill and accumulating knowledge as part of the thrill, this is a thrill and your comments are positive..
HenryPing Premium
Absorb like a sponge 💪👏👍💯
CathyAllen Premium
So far, I haven't slowed down. It's so exciting for me running three websites. I'll doubtless need to recall your wise words as time goes on. Thank you for writing!
HenryPing Premium
Thanks for your encouragement and support. 👍💪🤗✌️
jojocinq Premium
Thanks very encouraging
Joes946 Premium
Great post Henry. Very positive.
HenryPing Premium
Thanks for your time and comment Joe appreciate. 🤗👍💪👌👏