Is half a year-Time is so fast ticking

Last Update: Dec 19, 2019

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Is pretty hard to say farewell to 2019 in just 11 days to go.

One can imagine time is breezing too fast ahead.

You will never get back the time .

Every one had the same amount by time 24 hours a day or 1440 minute.

Life is short. Something your see people are here today are gone tomorrow.

How life can be unpredictable. How much time we can have to live.

Benjamin Franklin say" your are dead by now in 25 years but barrier in 75 years."

Let be gratitude to what we have and cherish the time and moment we have as today might our last day in this world.

Why is that so because we tend to wasting our time doing nothing in our life.

By the end of the day all the time is gone and we can't get back the time. We miss the boat.

All the memories and time is so fast leaving us.

So how are we going to treat our time well ?.......

Is to plan tomorrow today every single day. We need to see thing ahead by doing something positive towards our greatness in humanity that is to be achieving what we want it life that is our WHYYYYYYYY????.By reflecting every single day to asking the same question again and again.

Asking quality question debates the quality answer of your work, task,project,chores and so on.

Question yourself every single day????

Q#1 :What have your done through out the day?

Q#2 What have your done to your self,what went well and not went well?

Q#3 What have your achieve through the day.?Is it accomplish the thing your put on a daily basis contribute to your goals?

Q#4 Daily Affirmation.I must do it. I can and it what ever it takes. What daily affirmation

that your motivate and inspiring yourself..What's are your daily affirmation??Some of the mind are......

I am Born ready

I am being positively

I will work towards my goal

I will do what every it takes.

You can do this.Just do it.

Take action.

Live the life your truly deserves to live.

Q#5 How can I make thing happen?What can I improve this to growth.?

By taken notes on your daily basic things that had happening in your life daily.

The lesson your learn

To accept the mistake or failure.

Knowledge it.

Asking question how I must become to improve or overcome it.

Providing the life pattern your want to live and strive and thrive for your future self development

By working on yourself by providing the data that is your measurement of your metric.

Example writing your website contents. Your target and how many words per day per hour per rate.

This take me to the last point that is so important to spend our time wisely and when is gone as we can't turn back the clock.

I remember while I was in primary school were ii need to woke early in the morning at 500am to dress and ate breakfast to the rice and dish that my late mum cook early in the morning as

woke up early in the morning at 430am just to cook for us,me and my brother,

On that the day at night before I was so sad and depress on getting to school to waking up early in the morning that I had an idea was that has lingering in my mind at that moment when I see the clock in front of me on the table I was wondering if I could turn back the clock.

That more after breakfast myself and my older brother prepare to go to school by waiting outside of house about 0.5km from the best stand and we wait for hours that our school bus that should arrived on time at 0530 am morning did not.We wait till I think it was almost 3 hours. We question our self if today is a holiday as the road was so quiet and no car on the road.

Finally, we got on the bus after 3 hours of waiting. During recess time we were surprise to see our dad who came to see us and asking if we are all right. We ask him why??

My dad explain that it was strange that the clock is late for 3 hours. In my heart my inner voice was stunned what I have done.I just turn back the time backwards 3 hours early. So we woke up 230am in the morning to wait for the 530am bus.....

IF I could turn back the clock again ...I get back

the time...

So how much your time worth??? How can your fully used time wisely

Have much we earn per hour per rate indicates our worth of time.

IF tomorrow is your last day on earth what are the most important things your want to do before your die.

What your want people surrounding to say about your when your are in your coffin.

In loving memory.....He or she was so nice person.....

and what Tombstone your want to see .....

Think about it now your time .Will your value your time now.

Henry SheeπŸ˜πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

Ps:Cherish our time is to cherish our time with our loves one and life the life we trulty born to the fullfillness.

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Hi Henry,

I love this post but at the same time it brings a lot of sadness when you realize you have wasted a lot of time and not focused on the important issues.

But the positive side is that we are always given second chances to cherish our time.


Yes we always got our change and our choice. Grab it and work on it towards our direction. Live the live to our fullest. 😊

This is the way life goes. We are all taken by the passage of time until it makes us all dust of the earth but our spirit and legacy shall remain forever. Enjoy, be happy! Follow your dreams and your passion! Love as much as we can pay it forward!

Thanks for the kind motivating words. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

You are always welcome, my friend!✨✨✨πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

"Life was not meant to be easy and the internet is no different but a positive attitude makes it easier." Tom Short.

The greatest achievements in life are to know yourself, accept yourself, love yourself.

β€œToday is your Life so Live it to the Full as Tomorrow never Comes.” Tom Short.

β€œYou only have one life to live so treat it with respect and enjoy it.” Tom Short.


Thanks Tom. Indeed we just have 1 life. πŸ‘ŒTo live.

Time and tide waits for no one. Carpe Diem!

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