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Last Update: January 07, 2019

It never ceases to amaze me at the nerve some people have when it comes to making money online. The new person who's just now taking an interest in our industry are more easily taken in by some of the extreme tactics used by some of the so-called gurus. They line their pockets with the hard earned cash of the innocent just to increase their bottom line with no remorse at all. This sort of thing has been going on since the invention of the internet. This business like any other depends on the trust of the masses and if everyone is afraid to come into this industry to buy or sell we all lose. Deception and painting pictures in the minds of the people does nothing but harm the reputation of us all because we some how get grouped together as one big dishonest and destructive organism. Integrity in online marketing is what we need because the bad apples are destroying things for the rest of us! Is this the way any business should be operated?

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
A timely reminder, Robert, there is a massive disconnect between the online and offline worlds.

If I operated my offline business like some in the online world I would be in jail or paying to put my attorneys children through University.

The fat cats right down to the dodgey grafters get away with so much online.

It does taint the whole industry.

The only real way to create sustainable success is to follow a legitimate program, WA comes into its own in that league.

Terand Premium
Thank you for sharing, Robert!
You are right! We have to be careful. Yes, it all boils down to integrity. There are bad seeds, we have to continue to grow more good seed, to overwrite and empower them! :o)
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
True, I have met a few to my dismay.