Love Your Opinions Please … Paid Facebook Course

Last Update: July 18, 2020

I am doing some further client research before starting to build my own Facebook Marketing course specifically for affiliate marketers and thought who better to ask than you guys. I know I always get honest opinions when I come to this community, and I appreciate you all.

I would love your opinions and ideas so that I build what affiliate marketers actually want.

Doesn't matter if you are in the market to buy training or not, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

To make it a bit easier and spark your imagination I put together the following questions but feel free to just comment, I appreciate all feedback.

Would you consider yourself a FB marketing beginner, intermediate or advanced user?

  • 1 for beginner
  • 2 for intermediate
  • 3 for advanced

Would you pay for Facebook marketing training? Yes or No

Have you paid for Facebook training previously?
Yes or No

If you would pay what sort of price range would you be comfortable with?

  • 1 for up to $100
  • 2 for $100 - $300
  • 3 for $300 to $500
  • 4 for $500 - $1000

What would you expect to be achieving with Facebook by the end of the course?

Anything from a course that you’ve done that has really stood out to you as being of great value?
Doesn’t need to be specifically a FB marketing course.

Anything from any course you’ve ever done that really put you off?

Thanks heaps for any input guys, I really appreciate your time.

I want this to be the best dang Facebook marketing course anyone has ever done 🔥

Of course as I said if you have additional ideas or thoughts you think I should take into consideration before I build out the course pop them in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

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SAwalker2 Premium
No,I would not pay for marketing,or any kind of training on fb. Heidi, The facebook I only use it to check with families and friend nothing more. Social media has way to much rumors , craziness , lies about others and politics which I don't get in to. i hope you understand. God bless!!!!
HeidiY Premium
I appreciate your honesty Simone, gathering research isn't about collecting opinions you want to hear, it's about honestly understanding where your clients are and whether you can help them get to where they want to be.

Thank you.
Paulie0923 Premium
Hi Heidi, I do regular postIng of insightful quality content on ways to achieve business growth via digital marketing ... but have very limited reach. I’ve been considering using paid traffic sources but would prefer to avoid this. Since I’ve invested a lot recently in a no. of digital marketing related projects including WA my budget is restricted ... so less a lot than $100! Paul
HeidiY Premium
I strongly urge against paid traffic on FB Paul, FB ad people I know and trust have advised me that without $5000 to test the waters and gather enough data about what works and what doesn't you are wasting your time and money.

I'm guessing if you would want to spend less than $100 on training to learn organic strategies you are like me and don't have $5000 to splash on ads!
Paulie0923 Premium
That’s correct Heidi! Thanks for your reply. Paul
Paulie0923 Premium
Hi Heidi, I get a heck of a lot more “impressions” & “engagements” on Twitter! Paul
JulietAA Premium
Wishing you the very best Heidi!

- Facebook marketing user - beginner
- Pay for FB marketing - No
- Paid for FB training - No
- I would not pay on FB, everything I need I always find in WA
- Stood out - tips on how to get organised
- Off putting - too many words and offering very little
HeidiY Premium
Thank you very much Juliet, this is exactly the info I need, appreciate it
sandi32 Premium Plus
Would you consider yourself a FB marketing beginner, intermediate or advanced user?
1 beginner (I have been on FB for years but never in the marketing realm)

Would you pay for Facebook marketing training? No

Have you paid for Facebook training previously? No

I am very picky about what I will pay for online because I don't have a lot of money to waste and there are a lot of opportunists on the Internet.
HeidiY Premium
Wonderful thank you so much Sandi, appreciate your honesty, and unfortunately you are very right about the opportunists.
Isaiah14 Premium
I'm a beginner Marketer. I've been off facebook long before I joined WA - so the only reason that I might return to Facebook would be through a new account strictly dedicated to marketing my business. In this scenario, I would pay for a Facebook course, but I'm not quite sure how much I would spend. I would probably do a little window shopping and compare prices between different courses first.

I certainly hope that your course stands out from all the rest Heidi 👍

Isaiah 😊
HeidiY Premium
Brilliant Isaiah, thank you very much this gives me great insight.