I finally finished level 5!

Last Update: April 22, 2020

This has been an awesome journey and I've finally finished my training! TONS to do from here, but it feels so good to reach this milestone!

Funny side note, today is my 6 month mark from when I joined WA! I was pushing to get my training done by today so I could complete both on the same day. Today I realized you get the 6 month badge from the day you go premium hahaha. So I'll get to celebrate again in a few days!

THANK YOU for all your continued support and encouragement! This community has had a huge impact on my progress and successes.

Have a great day!

Heidi :)

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Kyle Premium
Awesome, nice work Heidi! :)
AGellert Premium
Congrats! For someone one month in, it's nice to see someone keeping up the journey further down the line!
heidiph1 Premium
I understand that! It has helped me to look forward to people achieving where I want to be and trying to be helpful to those in the position I was in. Works out pretty great that way! Lots to do, but lots of help out there.
lesabre Premium
Hi Heidi, a great accomplishment. Congratulations and continued success.

All the best,
MelWaller Premium
Congrats! Keep moving forward. Never give up!

Blessings, Peace & Love

To Your Success!

Provolisa Premium
Well you are COMPLETLEY impressive and INSPIRING!!
Congratulations, Heidi on a job really well done!!!
Keep it up!