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I am thrilled and beside myself to find that I have finally made it to page one on Google!! I am in the number two position and very excited! It's taken me quite a while and a lot of work but it's finally paying off. This is a constant learning process but I love it! Just wish there were more hours in the day to work on my blog. For now, it will have to be enough.Keep at it! All your hard work will catch up eventually.
I finished level 4 of the training today! It has taken me a lot longer to get this far than I thought it would. Part of that is because I refuse to skip any steps in the training and as you move further into it, you have to write a blog post with many of the steps. The second reason it has taken me so long is because it seems to take me a while to create posts. I have the strange problem of NOT being able to create posts under 1,000 words. I know we are shooting for 1,000 words and that should
As newbies, we all start out with the free themes offered here at Wealthy Affiliate. And while I am very grateful for the theme I started out with, at some point I started to look around at other sites and wonder how they were creating all those beautiful pages. I was seeing amazing full headers with overlays and modules where you can add just about anything to your site such as counters, blurbs, sections you can hover over that have 3-D effects (not just buttons), galleries, and so much more!
When we started this venture at Wealthy Affiliate, I think many of us envisioned moving right along in the training at a steady pace and having a successful blog underway within a few months or so. I know I did! Then life happened. That two hour time period you were hoping to set aside to write a new article was interrupted by children who needed lunch made. Or perhaps a parent called and needed you to take them to a doctor's appointment. You get the idea. This can be very frustrating. Perhaps
I had just posted the other day about how I was indexing faster. Usually within twenty minutes of publishing. Then I published a new article two nights ago and it wasn't indexed by yesterday morning when I woke up. The day went on and still nothing. I knew something had to be wrong. I was going through my head all day trying to go over everything I should do when creating and posting an article. I couldn't think of anything I had missed.Late last night I was going through the training and I he
July 07, 2018
Each time I publish a post, it indexes faster. This last time I was amazed when I got an email saying Google had indexed it within 20 minutes! Surely this must mean something good. I'm hoping all the hard work is starting to pay off and Google is starting to trust my site a little more. I'm hoping it means that I'm a step closer to getting ranked. And I'm hoping it means I am closer to getting some traffic coming to my site.In the meantime, I will keep working through the training and writing a
June 29, 2018
It's been about a month since I joined Wealthy Affiliate and have learned so much! I continue to work through the training and try to put in 15-20 hours a week writing content and posting on social media.I have to say I never knew there was so much behind creating a website. I had a website for a small online business once and now realize why I didn't have very many sales. The foundation that is built long before a sale ever occurs is so important. I see that now.So I am in the foundation buil
I am a skeptic when it comes to things on the internet. I like to think I'm fairly smart at spotting scams. Despite that, I ignored my gut feeling about an affiliate marketing program and joined anyways. It didn't take long to realize it wasn't going to do anything other than make them money. I couldn't get any access to their so-called training unless I literally spent thousands of dollars. The money I had spent was just to view some videos explaining all of this to me.In the process of searc