Earthquakes - Be alert if you live in the South Pacific!

Last Update: December 08, 2016

This is an attempt to warn people who live in the area to prepare for the next few hours - and for West Coast America to prepare for the next few days, as well as South Europe!

I hope this is a way to get the warning out, so that you are not surprised when it comes and you have your plans what to do, when it comes!

There has been an earthquake in the Salomon Islands, the biggest this year 8.0 just a few minutes ago! Watch Dutchsinse Live streaming for updates on YouTube. There you can also see how the pressure is moving and where you can expect the next similar sized earthquakes! or his website (for the chrt and general explanations:

There is danger of Tsunami, not the biggest one, but if your house is on the coast, you better run!

And please share this with your friends and Family! Dutchsinse had forecasted the big Earthquake a few days ago in Sumatra, right at the spot which was hit - and more than 100 people had to die because they didn't know what was coming!

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NRosales Premium
Thank you, Heidi. Bless those in the area to be safe.
Ivine Premium
Hi Hedi, the waring is appreciated. Irv.
LouisaB Premium
Thanks for the heads up.
MPollock Premium
Great warning thanks, dear
JoyNelson Premium
Oh wow, stay safe everyone! Thank you for putting this warning out and looking out for your local and global community! - Joy