1 Year Here At Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: February 04, 2018

Its been a journey and i will say hard work pays off literally. Stick in there and pump out quilty content and you will see your website grow like a seed youve planted.

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Rich908 Premium
Not only do you grow you get better and better - Follow the successful members and success will rub off on you
SophiaMia Premium
So how are you financially after being here 1 year? Like, are you successful? Are you making full time income?
RandiLee Premium
After a year I can't say that I'm making a full time income yet..but I will say that I'm improving everyday. Life happened and I didn't stay as committed as I should have...with a solid 4 months now of honest hard work and creating mindful content I see things moving in the direction I had hoped when I joined :).
Hofmeister Premium
Congratulations bud.