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To be sure that you are following all of your followers on google plus. You need to first log into your google accountOn the left-hand side. Click the tab treated people.Now you need to click your follower's tabOnce you are on your follower's list you can scroll down and see all the people you may have forgotten to follow back. The comments area for sharing your google plus page within WA is huge and easy to lose track of who you followed and who follows you. This is an easy and effective way t
Its been a journey and i will say hard work pays off literally. Stick in there and pump out quilty content and you will see your website grow like a seed youve planted.
I'm just curious to know has anyone ever had one of their post show up on bing. But in a tab labeled Bing news or top headlines. I have created a few posts here lately and that's what they're showing up in. I'm not a news site. I haven't requested to have my posts shown in bing news. How did this happen?It's counts as organic traffic in google analytics. It's rolling in steady traffic. I'm not upset or anything. I just wanted to know has anyone else been here and is there anything I should know
I have been working like a mad man here lately. Having 3 websites is nothing short of a full time job. But I'm loving every second of it. I logged in today and went to leave some site comments. I see a face that looks familiar in the top contributors area. Yup that's me, Your hard work does not go unnoticed here at WA. Stay motivated and keep pounding. I wish you all the best and have a wonderful morning, day or night. Depending on your location.
September 01, 2016
What's up with the site comments today? Is says every post I write no matter how I write it. States it's not unique and to try again in a few seconds. I know that each comment I write is different. This is really frustrating me. Anyone else have this problem
August 26, 2016
So a few days ago. I logged into my WA account and clicked on my first website to go touch up a few things on there. Once i clicked the login button it would show a page can not be found. Or something like the server cannot be located. Anyway it would not let me Into my site. So I contacted the support team here at WA. Within a 3 hour time frame. They fixed it and let me know that a plugin and Wordpress theme I was using is what caused it. That was a huge help for me. Cause I was so scared tha
August 22, 2016
I love this community. I feel as that if I am closer to some of the members on here. Than I am with some of my actual family members. It is so pleasing to get on here and see everyone pitching in to help the next person. If the world was like the WA community it would be a better place. Everyone stay in good spirits and remember that content is king
August 21, 2016
So I checked out Jay's webinar on website speed and watched the entire thing. I went to check my sites speeds out. I was greeted with. 44/58 for my second one and like 54/69 for my first one. I didn't like that. I know they say if it's orange it's ok. But green looks a lot better.So I have been up all night tweaking and researching ways to bring those scores up. Long story short here is how they look now.I'm no computer wiz by any stretch of the imagination. But this shows you that no matter ho
August 16, 2016
Ok so I decided to go and look my website a few minutes ago. I get there and once I click the tab to view my website. It looks like this. This is defiantly not how I set my site up. So when I go view it in the customize tab. It appears as it has always appeared. Which is how I had it originally set up. It looks like this.Does anyone know how I can fix this. Why is this happening I have did nothing to cause this.
Well I just woke up from a very well needed nap. I decided to check on my website stats as I usually do when I wake up. According to jaaxy most of my pages are in the top 10 positions on the 2nd pages of Google. That is a big jump from what it was saying the other week. If I get on page one with any of them. I just might lay a golden egg. Lol So I decided to go check my Google Adsense account and seen that I have made about $14 dollars with about 18 clicks. That's not a lot but it's better than