Lots of Visits, Surprises w My Pages High, WA Low. WA Leaders, Please Comment!

Last Update: January 21, 2011

Have three sites up, with some heavy traffic. My WA blogspot has has some. WA funnel-blog, after having link problems earlier, has been up, and has received about 1,000 visitors this week. That's great, right? In part.

What's strange is that my "Tips and Tools" page has 20 times the visitors of WA Review and Mad Marketing just isn't really getting traction. There are about 20 clicks on the WA dashboard. I have had four people sign up to receive "Mad Marketing" and the follow up messages. However, over 400 have looked at "Tips and Tools."   I don't get it.  So, maybe I should be looking at affiliate connections for other tips and tools?  It doesn't make sense that my materials should be of greater interest. I'm a strong writer, and an EZinesArticle Expert Author. So, "Tips and Tools" is catchy and reads well. But.....  What's going on the the WA materials? Why doesn't "Mad Marketing" do at least as well as the other?   All the links work. They didn't at first, so I tested, fixed them and re-tested.

I will study my stats again over the week-end to try to figure out what's going on.

My nonprofit site, Nonprofitsonline.net has been doing quite well. Less overall traffic, but the promotion has been harder, to a much more targeted audience. Anyway the site visits are about 20% of the internet marketing, but higher opt ins. I am also sending targeted emails to my friends and colleagues, and that will make a difference. I have a bonus summary fund plan for those that sign up to be subscribers. That's all gone well. Smaller group, a little slower.

What have I learned?

I've learned that article marketing is critically important. I love to write, so that's actually not a problem, but it does really take time, and takes time away from other important things. I hand submit to the big "houses," then have a fivver do auto submissions. I've also learned the importance of SEO and site submission, and following Google and GoingUp.org stats. And, finally, I think it's hard to get a site up and active without having a techie drive some traffic your way. I've done that. Lots of traffic.

Now, the key will be opt ins and conversions.

If you have time, check my sites and give me some feedback: SuccessfulInternetMarketingTools.com; IMRewards.blogspot.com and nonprofitsonline.net.





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vinmac Premium
So, you have had a great deal of traffic comparitively but are not getting conversions. It might be your landing pages. I had good luck with the canned ones and have 2 in all. Check out marketingthemadway.com but I did PPC with Google and had only 200 visitors and 70 sign up. 30%! About 60 some are still on list. Might be landing pages you are sending them to. PM me if you want to discuss more.
Labman Premium Plus
Not finding a working link on your Sell well online at blogspot. Sorry to be critical. I like the blogspot sites.
lovin_life67 Premium
IM Tools for success is not loading right.