Baffled by the Amazing Flying Circus

Last Update: December 15, 2010

They are flying around, in a colorful three-ring circus in my computer.

The guys on the high wire are calling out for me to "build SEO links now that can bring in 4,678 people a day."  and "sign up now, before we're back down in the ring and all of the spaces are gone."

Then, the men and women on the beautiful high flying trapeze yell out "... boost your traffic...", "... build your traffic...,"  "... get our system to bring in 22,578 people a day..."    The woman sitting on the swing says "... without traffic, you are dead," and she disappears. All that is left of her is a grinning face at the top of the tent, looking like the Cheshire cat in 'Alice in Wonderland,' and saying "... you must act now, you must act now..."

Startled, I sat up and shook the strange dream out of my head.

And I realized, yes, all of these elements of IM are swirling in this newbie's head. So much information is in there, I had to get another bottle of Excedrin. It is information overload. The last day or two, what I've been working on is simplifying my work, and my understanding of IM:

  • I am not looking at any new emails selling the next new, best, wonderful thing for IM, traffic, SEO, etc.
  • Starting today, I am reading some of PotPie Girl's articles about simplifying IM and getting things going.
  • I am building my websites  -- one site at a time. Working my way through the WA Affiliate training plan.
  • And, I am continuing to go through the training program.

You, see, I am a Gemini. And, all of these different elements of IM are like candy to me at first.  But then, like all candy, it backfires.

I'd love to know what you are doing to simplify things and make progress.


Thanks for the comments, guys!




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Labman Premium Plus
It sounds like you are taking the right path. The "Shiny Object Syndrome" rears its ugly head for most of us from time to time. There are a lot of people selling the next best thing but its all here so you don't need to look elsewhere. Work through the tutorials one at a time and try to fully understand the lessons. Sometimes you just have to walk away for a while and let the information get internalized. I try to break things down into small successes and use the task lists and goals to keep track of each thing until I have it done and understood.
WRI Premium
I can totally relate to this post. My first month seemed like surreal dream, Myself personally, now I just focus on getting one thing done a day. It maybe working a bug out of my website, writing a blog entry or article, research, or any number of other things. I had to slow my pace to catch up with myself and I found at least getting one IM task done a day was still action and forward progress. Perhaps as I grow more and lay deeper roots and foundations in my IM knowledge I will accelerate my pace. But for now I am content in the knowledge growth is happening.