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Tea Is My Beverage Of Choice

I don't want you to judge me so I will not add that I also enjoy an Old Fashioned!

Here's the thing I want to share with you and also seek your thoughts about. I am building a new website around a new niche. Guess what it is?

Tea! How could you know this?

Not as broad as just tea, but drinking tea for a purpose. And yes, Purposefultea is taken. It will be drinking tea for its calming effects or to detox, or to help with sleep. Like that.

I want a website name that is provocative. Most of the ones surrounding tea for a specific purpose are taken.

This Is Where You Come In The Door

If you see a site named TeasThatHelp, what would you think you'd find on the site? I know that name is not all that sexy. As I mentioned, all the good .coms are taken.

I appreciate your comments.

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Hi Hazel,

Being me I asked ChatGPT your question - If you see a site named TeasThatHelp, what would you think you'd find on the site?

ChatGPT answered:

Based on the name "TeasThatHelp," one might expect the website to be focused on tea in a very specific context — more particularly, it could be a resource about different types of tea and their potential health benefits.

Here are a few things you might expect to find on the site:

Information about various types of tea: The website could offer comprehensive details about different teas like green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong, rooibos, chamomile, and so on. This might include their origin, how they're processed, and how they differ from each other in taste and health benefits.

Health benefits of tea: The site might delve into the health benefits of tea, which can range from aiding digestion, improving heart health, supporting weight loss, to boosting mental alertness.

Scientific research: The website could include sections devoted to sharing the latest scientific research on the health benefits of tea.

Tea recommendations: The site could offer tea recommendations based on specific health concerns or desired outcomes. For example, it might suggest chamomile tea for relaxation or green tea for antioxidant properties.

Brewing instructions: The site might include advice on how to properly brew different types of tea for best taste and maximum health benefits.

Tea-related products: It might also sell tea-related products, including different varieties of tea, teaware, and possibly tea-based health supplements.

Please note, this is just an interpretation of what the website could potentially offer based on its name. The actual content would depend on the intentions of the site's creator.

Health and Warnings!!

However, whenever we advocate any health benefits we have to be extra careful

Me: What do you have to be careful of when writing a website about tea?

When writing a website about tea, there are several things to bear in mind to ensure you provide valuable, accurate, and engaging content for your audience. Here are some considerations:

Accuracy: It's crucial to ensure that all information you provide about tea is accurate. This includes details about different types of tea, their origins, brewing methods, and especially any health benefits you claim they might have.

Citing Sources: When stating health benefits, it's important to cite reputable sources. Not all health benefits associated with tea have been scientifically proven, so ensure you differentiate between well-established facts and those benefits which are merely anecdotal or require further research.

Avoiding Medical Advice: Be cautious about making any direct medical claims or advising certain teas for specific medical conditions. The website should not substitute professional medical advice. It's wise to include a disclaimer noting that the information on your website is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Cultural Sensitivity: Tea has a rich history and is deeply ingrained in many cultures around the world. When discussing these cultures, their practices, or their teas, be respectful and avoid cultural appropriation or generalisation.

Clear and Engaging Content: Make your content user-friendly and engaging. Avoid jargon where possible, and explain any tea-specific terms. Use images to illustrate your points and break up text to make it easier to read.

User Privacy and Security: If you're selling products or have user registration, make sure to have a secure website and a clear privacy policy.

Compliance with Advertising and Marketing Laws: If you are affiliated with any tea companies or earn money from endorsements or advertisements, ensure you are transparent about these relationships and comply with local advertising and marketing regulations.

SEO Optimization: To help your website be discovered by those interested in tea, ensure that you optimise your content for search engines. This includes using relevant keywords, meta tags, and maintaining a blog with regular updates.

These are just some of the main points to consider when writing a website about tea. It can be a fascinating topic to explore and share with others, but like any subject, it requires diligence, research, and respect for both the topic and the audience.

Me again:

This is just ChatGPT - but I would seek advice from those in the know in the community regarding if there are issues around discussing health benefits/issues.

I love tea and wish you every success with this website.

All the best,


So, Julia, this is interesting. I asked ChatGPT the EXACT question that you did. I mean, exactly. We must share some kind of bond or something. :-)

I used the default setting for a response so I received different wording from yours. It is, however, similar and just as helpful and encouraging for this niche.

My response did not include any warning about health issues. Nice to be aware of this as well.

I appreciate your well wishes and more importantly, the time you spent to help.


Looks like Maria has you covered, Hazel! I've never really cared for tea, except back in my military days when it was "Long Island Iced Tea".

I think you might be well covered here though!


I will echo Jeff here, Hazel. It looks like Maria has you covered.


The WA community has really helped me out on this one, Jeff. I quite like those Long Island Iced Teas myself.


So many suggestions from many affiliates here. I appreciate them all!



That’s awesome, Jeff! 😂😂😂😂🧋


Haha! Glad to hear that, Hazel!

More excellent choices. I will certainly have a provocative name for my site. You are very nice to take the time to send these. I appreciate you, Maria.


Hello Hazel!
I have to ask ChatGPT for your domain names. I just asked for 15,
and here it goes:

Sure! Here are 15 domain name suggestions related to "Teas That Help":


Please note that the availability of these domain names may vary and you would need to check their availability through domain registration services.

Hope this helps!


I am so liking these, Maria. Nowwww the problem is I have so many choices. lol!!! You are great to do this. Thank you!


I think I am going to cry, Maria. :-) I know affiliates are always helpful, but I did not expect all this.

I particularly like TeaBenefitsCentral and TeaRemedyHub. I also like the one that Diane suggested...TeaTherapyZone.

I am so grateful to have such a wide selection now. So glad you have sent these to help me. Thank you!



Check out your choices before they disappear!

Have fun!


I will...thanks!


You have lots of helpful names here. WA affiliates are always willing to help. Best wishes for your success.

They are indeed. Thank you for your wishes for me!


I think TeaDetox should be one of those or TeasThatHelp too.

Myra 💜

Yes indeedy! Thank you so very much for this, Myra!


Hi, Hazel

I think TeasThatHelp is a great choice.

Here are 20 dot com names that Bard says are not taken:

I (Bard) have checked that all of these domain names are currently available.


Here are 20 more dot com names from ChatGPT4, but you will have to check on their availability:

1. TeaMedicinalMarvels

2. BrewingWellness

3. HerbalHealingTeas

4. SteepedInHealth

5. TeaRemedyGuide

6. TeaTherapyTimes

7. HealingBrews

8. TheTeaApothecary

9. TeaWellnessWonders

10. MedicinalInfusions

11. LeafToCure

12. BrewedRemedies

13. HealthfulTeaTales

14. TeaHealingHaven

15. WellnessSteeped

16. NaturalTeaTreatments

17. HealingTeaTreasures

18. ElixirOfLeaves

19. HerbalHealthBrews

20. CureInACup

Remember to check the availability of these domain names, as they might have been taken since my last training cut-off in September 2021.

You can also use the WA Niche Finder Tool:


Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

You are golden, Frank! So many choices. I'm excited!

Thank you!

You're welcome, Hazel! 😎

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