Missing In Action

Last Update: July 02, 2018

Hello everyone and for those members celebrating Canada’a birthday, happy birthday.

I woke up Saturday morning and partially went through my usual routine. Went down stairs, brewed a coffee , sat down in my lazy boy, turned on the iPad, clicked on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and to my surprise there was a pop up . The pop up said that WA had been trying to send me emails but the kept bouncing back.

Let’s back track a bit. I am moving and had informed my service provider that I wanted to cancel my service effective June 30. They turned off the service at 12:38am that day. I figured they would at least wait until the same time Sunday. No it was gone and that is why I was missing in action.

When I think of being missing, I normally think of escaping to places like in the cover image or on some beach where it is just me, the sand and the water. Nice thought but not this weekend’s reality. I am stuck packing and unloading personal items that I have accumulated over the years.

Now I am in my new location and staring at the boxes and all I can think about is the game between Brazil and Mexico. Thank technology for PVRs otherwise I would be sitting down, neglecting the work that has to be done.

The Bell technician was here this morning and my email is up and running, along with the television so I am back in play and now receiving those wonderful emails being sent by WA. Sorry for the interruption but I now back in action.

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emodexbiz Premium
Congratulation that you're back, wise decision.
Lazyblogger Premium Plus
Congratulations on your new place. Glad to have you back.
Wayne66 Premium
Life's little interuptions. At least this was sort of planned. Not so nice when it's not.

Glad it was short lived and you are back.

frmcf Premium
Hi Harvey, happy to see you're back. I know what you went through it has happened to me twice when moving from one place to another. :-) Frank
GinaU1 Premium
Glad you are back, Harvey. Hope you are enjoying your new place!