Last Update: April 14, 2011

If you're anything like me, chances are that you write a bit. I keep several different notebooks on hand at all times to write when I feel the need to. Does anybody else still hand write? I find it to still be the easiest way to get my thoughts down, and even easier if I have to sketch something.

The problem I have been having lately is making good use of my past writings. Once in a while, I'll sift through my notes to find a good idea, but it's difficult to extract the really good stuff when my writing can end up looking like a garbled mess. Any suggestions on keeping better organized? I guess I would consider using something higher tech like a tablet, but I just like to write by hand....sigh

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Labman Premium
You might check with Daniel Euergetes he has been know to do a bit of journaling. I gave up on the handwritten word( writer's cramp) and now type exclusively. I think it was the palm pilot that did it to me. Changed my handwriting to be illegible. B-sides, it is so much easier to categorize writings when they are electronic. Just make sure there are multiple backups.
jatdebeaune Premium
Yeah, I like to write by hand too. I keep a file of what I call inspired moments. I let the thoughts pour out of me on various subjects and keep them filed as reference. I organize them into the niche headings that I am currently working with plus the niches I intend to promote in the ffuture. Then when writing an article, I read my own thoughts/notes, plus ideas from books or other internet articles, and put together a nice cohesive article. I know many people use an outline to write an article. After you've written a few articles, a good structure becomes second nature and you automatically hit the major points with a good call to action conclusion. It works for me.