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Last Update: July 14, 2019

So today I got a dedication badge, this happen in a time that I am starting to doubt everything, my niche, my website, but not the industry.

18 months now since I started my website (in Arabic), I wrote over 40 articles and (How to), (10 Best...) in my niche. The result? $10 in my account.

I targeted the whole middle east to teach them how to play the guitar, and all my tutorials and articles are in Arabic. I even have an online course platform on my website using LifterLMS plugin, which is super by the way.

However, the fact is that most the middles east have a problem with credit card and banking system, so buying online is a big deal for them! That's what I discovered early on in the journey, and this is strike one.

Strike two is I live in Egypt, and Stripe don't run in here so I can't accept debit cards.

Honestly I am totally unmotivated to work on my website for the last 3 months and I am considering to shut the whole thing down, and focus on my online courses on Udemy, as my passive income is growing there each time I launch a new course.

Also my YouTube channel is under review to monetize my videos.

Can anyone here please help me decide what to do, or had the same problems? I could really use the help now.

Thanks a lot.

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FKelso Premium
You do have a unique problem. All the work you have done...there must be some way to find a good market. I think Nadia has a good idea.

Also, as people can watch you as well as read what you write, it seems that YouTube would be the ideal venue. I hope that works for you. Give it a good try before you give up. YouTube is the up and coming thing, so they say.
Nadia27 Premium
I think you should target Arabic speaking people around the world. And I hope getting YouTube monetization will help you.
HanyHamed Premium
Hi Nadia, I am in a way. My channel and my website are both in Arabic, but I am doing this cause all the info on guitar online are in English. So it doesn't matter the location.
MelWaller Premium
Have you tried Paypal for payments?

Could you also use English for your sites?

Could you target Arabic speakers outside the Middle East?

Every challenge has a solution usually.

To Your Success!

Fleeky Premium
Perhaps try an english version?
Joes946 Premium
Well, I have been to Egypt many times and have many wonderful friends there. Unfortunately, I am at a loss how to help with the credit card situation, however, I am sure we have some members who can help.
Main thing I want to do is encourage you to not quit. There has to be a way and we'll find it!
Hold on...don't quit.