2019 Gameplan

Last Update: December 29, 2018

I always believed in writing goals or gameplan for your business and life, even before WA. Someone said before "Failing to plan is Planning to Fail". Maybe you see it is a cliché, but it's true.

I learned always to put goals to get you out of your comfort zone, to challenge you a bit not much, enough to get you going and believe it's possible with some work and most of all TIME.

So, did you plan already what's 2019 will look like?

I have been here for 4 years, but on and off very hesitated about should i do it or not - not if it's going to work. I know it will work IF I put enough effort, the thing is I didn't want to bother my self with online business, not with 2 young kids and wife to feed.

Cause I know it's not simple to make it work in a couple or 3 months. But lately I started to be more focus, and in only in 45 days - since black Friday when I became premium again- I saw my first sale happens on my fairly new website!

So I am on the right track I guess.

I don't want to stop now, so I decided to write my top 3 goals. Just 3 is enough to keep me motivated.

I will start mine, and if you comfortable leaving yours I will be glad to read them.

1. One week travelling with the family to Turkey.

2. Making my first $100 from my website.

3. Reach 5000 Subscriber on my YouTube channel (almost 2K now).

That's it!

Merry Chritmas and Happy New Year everyone.


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Kyle Premium
All can and will be a reality in 2019 if you reach for it. Set daily and weekly goals to accomplish the larger goals. They will be achieved much quicker.

Wishing you a fruitful 2019 ahead Hani!
HanyHamed Premium
Wow the Boss himself! I didn't expect to see you here. Happy New year to you.
hilarybassak Premium
We'll be watching you Hani !!!- Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year
smartketeer Premium
Awesome "gameplan" Hany!

You can do it! Go for it!