The Greatness of Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: September 27, 2015

Before you read any further, I gotta say this post is for newbies.
I write this because there are still a lot of misunderstanding about AM concepts.

But of course, it's free for everyone to read and share it :)

Don't Throw Away Affiliate Marketing BENEFITS!

Seriously guys, this Affiliate Marketing business is already so AWESOME, it gives you so many advantages in creating a business online. However, I still find so many people that don't get the GREATNESS of Affiliate Marketing and end-up wasting time and efforts.

Now please read these Benefits below and think about what you are doing:


  • Have you ever find a business in Real-World (not Internet) that allows you to earn so much money, let's just say 6 or 7 figures/year (for you who don't understand what is figure, it means the digits in your $$$) without the need of going through official law services? (e.g. Submitting your company name to notary, Create a formal corporation, etc) - THE ANSWER IS BIG NO. You have to submit everything and wait and pay and do so many complicated stuffs.

    And you don't need to do that in Affiliate Marketing - So please keep it Simple

  • Ever run a business? Ever have your own product? If yes, then you will know that it's not easy at all to create, develop, and market one. And in Affiliate Marketing, there are MUCH MORE kinds and quantities of products. So why still bother yourself by creating One?!?!

    Please notice that there are places called as Affiliate Network ; this place is like a storage for products (later will be called as offer) from around the globe.

  • Now, some of you guys might say you are a reseller for products in real world and you don't need to create or develop the product, only market it. Well, no offense for that, let's compare about how it works (Real World Reseller VS Affiliates Program)

    1. Can you do marketing for 1 day and get paid without working for months?
    - Real World Reseller : Naaah, I don't think so
    - Affiliate Marketing : Hell yeah baby, it works automatically even while I sleep

    2. Can you get paid if the buyer didn't buy anything and just do FREE stuffs?
    - Real World Reseller : Are you crazy? Of course there will be no payment
    - Affiliate Marketing : Easy peasy, people subscribe only using email ; I get paid, people register to Wealthy Affiliate and fill Bio ; I get paid, people simply click my banners ; I get paid.

    3. Can you track your selling effortlessly?
    - Real World Reseller : Of course I can, I just need to make an SOP or management program, I can also track them using the delivery system, bla bla bla.
    - Affiliate Marketing : I can track everything down by simply using a link (just a simple writing code) and see everything in 1 browser window

    4. Ever get complain from your customer?
    - Real World Reseller : Sometimes, but it is rarely happen *smirk
    - Affiliate Marketing : Hello, I'm an affiliate, no complain will get through me, how awesome is that? risk free *singing happily

    5. Can you do scale-up to increase your earning?
    - Real World Reseller : I can do that, just need to do more marketing, reach more people, bla bla bla (you think it's easy to do that in real world? dream on)
    - Affiliate Marketing : Hmm, if I want to reach millions of people I can just use paid traffic source and it can happen in merely a few days just by spending a few bucks. As for increasing my earning, that is quite easy too, I can do it like simple math. (e.g. I have 1 website that let me earn $200, I can make another website that allows me to earn maybe more than that)

    I can still keep going - but I think that is enough for now ; so please keep your work in Affiliate Marketing as simple as possible!

  • How much time you need to spend to get your Boss increase your wage?
    Can you work for 2 years constantly and then get your Boss to pay you $ by stop working? Hell no. You will get fired when you stop working.

    But in Affiliate Marketing, your hardwork will be paid off as an automatic money machine that will let you earn money even when you sleep or go for vacation.
  • What is the minimum working time every day?
    I can guarantee a full time worker will work with no less than 8 hours a day, working their bones off everyday and still not enough to enjoy life (I was going to say B*tt off, lol).

    Well fortunately you don't need to do that, even a few minutes or a few hours every several days will be enough as long as you are constant and focus. So, you decide your own working time.

  • I need to earn money fast!
    At some point, some of you might meet this condition with many reasons. I gotta say that it is possible to achieve that in Affiliate Marketing, but I don't give you any guarantee for that, okay? Me myself earn around $2.000 after 2 months doing AM with my own strategy.

    Conclusion for TIME :
    When you decide to start creating an Affiliate Marketing business, you gotta realize that this is a long-term business. This ain't a place for you who wants HOT CASH. The time spend in early game might make you think that it's not worth a try, but TRUST ME, Affiliate Marketing is more than worth it - it gives you a chance to have complete financial freedom and above all, we earn that while Helping People!


I don't think there is much to discuss about this since it is crystal clear that Affiliate Marketing will need much less budget than real world business.

There are several ways to do Affiliate Marketing, and one of those is the one that Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching us all.

And from my most honest opinion and experience, WA is more than enough for you to start having Affiliate Marketing business, so now you can count how much budget you need, right?


Where else can you find a business that allows literally anyone to join and profit from it?!

Affiliate Marketing can be done by Anyone and I mean it
(man, woman, young, old, working, part-time, jobless, ANYONE).


Today is no longer the day where you have to study computer to be able to use internet.

Let me tell you some facts about what you need and don't need to be an Affiliate

Here are a list that you don't need to become an affiliate marketer:
1. You don't need to be the best at web-design
2. You don't need to be an experienced writer
3. You don't need to be a smart / genius in computer
4. You don't need to understand coding at all
5. You don't need to spend fix hours everyday
6. You don't need any formal legal preparation

Here are a list that you need to become an affiliate marketer:
1. Basic computer skills
2. Internet connection
3. Bank account
4. Determination to learn
5. Focus action

Affiliate Marketing is much more than what you can imagine, even the most professional Super-Affiliate won't be able to do all kinds of AM strategy.

One thing for sure is they are success because they try to use one strategy to its fullest potential.

I guess that's how I put it to all of you that still trying to figure out how Great is an Affiliate Marketing. I know that this blog still lack of so many important points, but I hope it can be useful enough to open your mind and guide you to the right path.

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ptdata Premium
another great blog post. It's so true - just from having run my own AM business in the past year, if you stay focused and driven to make it work, the rewards are amazing.
Apeng Premium
I am stayin put here in WA and your post above gives even more reasons why this is the true path for me Hansen. Trims bro.
shermand2268 Premium
Incredible post - thank you!
HansenLin Premium
thank you too for your 'like' and comment :)
feel free to share this post link to others who needs.
JonG94 Premium
Work hard everyday towards your goals and never give up. Push as hard as you can and never let anyone push you around. Surround yourself with people who care not only about themselves, but care for everyone. We as a community will help each other because………..WE ARE THE 20%!
NBalcom Premium
Awesome post and extremely inspirational, Thanks. Your positive attitude and realistic view shows. I will follow you, let me know how it's going as I am just starting out. Thanks again.
HansenLin Premium
If you just started out, try to read my other blogs, it might help you.
Also, I would appreciate your 'like'. lol

Ever need help? Try to PM me and I will try to help you ASAP
NBalcom Premium
Thanks I will.