Reasons to Celebrate!

Last Update: July 01, 2018

This is a beautiful day to celebrate!

It`s been 2 months for me at WA, and i am just so happy for so many accomplishments:

I`ve created my very first website (which i mostly learned from the trainings)..

I`ve learned social engagements ( I only knew Facebook before, now, i have Pinterest, Tweeter, and Google+ accounts!!)

I`ve learned about affiliate marketing (not whole of it though, still lots to learn).

I`m done with Level 4 of the OEC!

But honestly, i`m pretty much done with the training.. i just kept going back.. re-watching and re-reading the lessons.. and for Level 5.. i`m just waiting for the Black Friday sale to take advantage of the yearly subscription!

Yep! Being here in WA had been amazing.. and i will definitely would love to stay and looking forward to more lessons to learn..

THANK YOU! Kyle, Carson, Jay and the whole WA community! You are all awesome.. you`ve created this platform giving hope to each and everyone wanting to learn and be successful in the online business world!

You`ve created lessons which are easy to understand even to those who doesn`t know anything about web creations - totally newbie like me!

You`ve made it possible to reach goals and dreams as long as one puts their time and effort on it! Cheers to all of you!!

Next plan for me is to start the Affiliate Bootcamp, which i am very excited!

This is definitely a wonderful day.. So many reasons to celebrate!

I`m here right now, camping with my family, celebrating a holiday!


much love,


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JeannineC Premium
Happy Canada Day to you too! Congrats on finishing Level 4, best wishes on Affiliate Bootcamp!
HannaC Premium
Thanks Jeannine:)
pazalles20 Premium
Awesome my friend, just keep enjoying your ride.
HannaC Premium
Thank you:)
Stella2 Premium
Good job so far!
Happy Canada Day to you, too!
I'm in NL.
I agree that WA is a great Canadian product. I love it here, too. (Canada and WA)
All the best to you.
Stella :-)
HannaC Premium
Thanks Stella!
mmonterola Premium
Definitely lots of reasons to celebrate on Canada Day most especially being here at WA. Great post. Marita
HannaC Premium
Thanks Marita:)
Memorylaneuk Premium
Happy Canada Day ! It is lovely to read such a positive post. I knew nothing about building websites or working online at all before I found WA and I share all your sentiments about it.
With Grace and Gratitude
HannaC Premium
Thanks Karen:)