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Last Update: May 23, 2020

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Kia Ora, from New Zealand Friends and Colleagues

Becoming a Writer

I have a marvellous old book in my technical writing library, with the above title, which was written by Dorothea Brande in 1934.

The wisdom imparted within it, is as true now as it was then.

I have borrowed from its principles to address some issues that most of us face at some time during our writing careers.

Although it is written specifically for those who wish to pursue fiction as a writing career, there are many aspects that apply to professional writers of any and all persuasions.

The first chapter deals with the 4 Difficulties which I will address here but I will massage the titles in order to make it more applicable to our Niche Blogging activities.

The Difficulty of Writing At All

Bit obvious, this one really, if you can't write in any way shape or fashion then you are probably going to struggle to, firstly get off the ground at all, but perhaps more importantly engage and hold a reading audience.

The good news is that the type of writing needed to be successful as a Niche Blogger is not, 'best-seller' JK Rowling or Michener in its form, or prowess.

The best description I have heard since working with WA is that we should write as we would speak if propping up the kitchen door jamb while talking to a friend who is washing the dishes or making scones LoL

So if you were feeling the pressure to be Salman Rushdie relax you just have to be yourself!

The One Article Author

This is the fear that we might run out of things to write about. Let me assure you that if you get over the first difficulty and write one article then you can write two and three and more, because it is a rinse and repeat skill.

If we were to think of product reviews alone, before going to any technical writing discussion around finding material to write about, there are over 300 million products for sale on line today and that just grows year after year.

Consider then that if you only wrote about 1% of those products you would have 1,000,000 articles available to you.

If you wrote one a day every day it would take over 2,700 years to write them and that is just article reviews LoL😂🤣😂🤣

I think we can safely agree that there are no shortage of things to write about.

The Occasional Writer

This is often manifested as writer's block and can be seen perhaps as a combination of difficulties one and two.

There are two approaches that can be taken to this one is to prevent it form, happening in the first place by following the kind of advice found in the links below, while the other is take maximum advantage when the muse is with you and creativity flows.

The latter essentially means write as much as you can when you can and then have a store to post from for the lean times.

There are many other techniques that have been shared by other members here at Wealthy Affiliate in their posts and training contributions.

Need Help Writing

Stream of Consciousness

Uneven Writing

This speaks to consistency in the beginning, following through, and ending of our writing, with a consistent style that does not unpleasantly surprise our reading public.

You can of course surprise your readers, from time to time, if you are known for doing this from and it is part of the style that you have established and have developed a following for in your regular audience.

You need to develop authority in your niche however before throwing any really significant curve balls and putting your audience offside.

There we have it just 4 simple things to think about when we are attending to our own writing, or perhaps more importantly, when coaching or mentoring those who may be experiencing a difficult road with their writing.

From New Zealand friends and colleagies

Kia Koa, Kia Kaha


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All good pointers indeed. I have a couple of 'old' books that have some fantastic ideas and advice within. Our problems aren't new but there is a tendency to only look in the here and now for the answers.
These problems haven't just appeared, they've always been with us.
Great post, as always.

Thanks Twack , that is actually a point made by Dorothea when. She wrote the book that the issues and questions in relation to basic writing fundamentals don’t change. Hope all is well buddy🧐

You're very welcome. All good here, hope it's the same for you.

Indeed it is sir but I may be about to go on to radio silence for a while. Not leaving, just switching focus due to some recent revelations and realisations. I will keep coming by your pages though, good luck sir🧐

Thank you Jim, you too. You're a shrewd man, I am sure your focus will lie where it needs to be.
We have to move and adapt.

Hi Hamish, nice one - again!

As they say, 'there's nothing new under the Sun' - and so it goes for writing I reckon!

The medium we use these days is different - and much more 'friendly' to work with (I'm thinking typewriters and duplicating paper here!) - but the basic pillars of writing wisdom hold true.

Personally, I find that I'm at my most 'creative' at all kinds of times of the day, so when I worked for someone else, I had to remember or write down my ideas/thoughts. As I'm currently furloughed, its much easier to just fire up the old PC and write!

I suppose this affiliate marketing game is much like other 'jobs' in that some people find they take to it wasily; others don't. My personal problem iswith technology; I struggle with the site design/building aspect of things; but I'm improving with practice. :-)

Anyway, thanks again for the post; most informative and helpful.

All the best

Thanks yes I very much like the fact that I derive value from a book written in the 30s🧐

Great post and very good information thank You

👍🏼🧐 Thanks Dorrie hope you are having a great weekend

Hope you are as well my friend 😇


Thanks for sharing a relevant book and for adapting its relevance to WA!

Thanks for coming by Nellya 🧐

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