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Last Update: Apr 20, 2020

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Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues,

Something a bit different tonight.......

Creative Writing

Some years ago I attended a residential creative writing course in a 16th century Mansion in

Cheshire in the UK. The course was facilitated by a published author, Margaret Graham, who had 12 novels to her name at that stage, and who has taught, coached and mentored, countless budding authors in her long writing career.

I was reminded of one of her taught techniques today, when reading someone else's post, during which I got into a short but constructive online conversation with James Duck of this fair WA Parish.

Creative Flow

Margaret used to have us, for the first twenty minutes of every day, write with paper and pencil, or pen about anything at all that would come to mind.

The purpose of this in Margaret's words:

"Something happens, when we have a pen or pencil in the hand, the writing instrument becomes connected to the creative imagination. It means that we can write anywhere anytime in a tent, hotel room or railway station. No excuses"

" Amongst them will be problems...... I might write down a dream.... I might write my hopes and fears, never forget the fears we all have them, too many. I watch the words take shape, I know they are better out than in......... I pour out my joys, my observations, my reservations."

When you are finished destroy it........

Yup that's right, destroy it, because this is about an uninhibited flow of creativity, exercising a muscle, by producing prose that does not have to stand up to anyone's scrutiny, because it will never be shared, except between you and your sub conscious; it is a luxurious cathartic process, akin to some forms of meditation

If you want to put icing on the euphemistic cake then write an affirmation on the end of it.

I am worthy of this or...... I can do this or...... I am a great Blogger

Yes and then burn it or shred it. I will be surprised if you do not find this liberating. I have been

doing this for 16 years now and it only helps my writing get better as the years go by.

Have Go

So if you love your writing and want to improve it I invite you to try this exercise. Give it a proper go though try it for a week before you give up.

If you can get hold of Margaret's book shown above it is an easy 100 page read with great tips for improving the way you write. This is done from a mindful approach rather than a technical writing approach; there are plenty of other books for that.

I'm off to write some content........

From, New Zealand, friends and colleagues, good night.

Kia Koa

Kia Kaha


Recent Comments


Hi, Hamish, I didn't know that what I had been doing was actually an exercise. But I didn't use a pencil or pen but the computer that is how I taught myself to us the keys. I would write about anything when finished I would delete it.
It was very slow prose but know I run over the keys as if it's second nature to me. My grandson did the same thing and know even he uses his thumbs on his phone at lightning speed.
I am amazed at what he can do in texting.
But ya loved this post because it gave me insight.

Each to their own, Margaret would say you don’t get the same connection but hey you know your own psychology🧐

Wow... thank you... I see more clearly now what I've been doing when I write and throw it away. Thank you for including our short conversation in the post! I'm going to sharpen some pencils and I'll get the book. Thanks again and I'll be in touch!

Always welcome buddy glad you got some value out of it

Thank You for the advice great post I will be trying this 😇

I would love to hear what you think🧐

Sounds like a good exercise for writers block. Thanks for sharing this. Jen

Yup sure to work Jen

Now yours is an idea that I have to try Hamish. I have heard of writing things down when you wake up but thought to save these for later us.
I get your point it is only to exercise you mind, wow, awesome thought.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks ray always worked for me🧐

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