What STRAW is and How it Can Change your Life!

Last Update: October 23, 2018

Getting to the point, STRAW is:

Speed Typing
(Speed) Reading And
(Speed) Watching

This is about how you can save time learning how to type fast, how to read fast and how to watch videos fast. In my previous post, you learned how you could save time reading two times faster. Bloggers, Affiliate marketers need to type, read and watch videos on a daily basis and we have the habit to do those three things at "our speed".

Let's suppose you devote one hour to type, one hour to read and one more hour to watch videos (lessons for example) every day:


Type 60

Read 60

Watch 60

Total 180 (3h)

STRAW (min)

Type 30

Read 30

Watch 30

Total 90 (1.5h)

You would be saving 1.5 hours every day! or 10.5 hours a week! 42 hours a month (one regular workweek!)

How to accomplish this? Simple:

Speed Typing: search for an online course

Speed Reading: watch this video

Speed Watching: adjust the playback speed

Regarding Speed Watching, WA and YouTube have these playback speeds above normal: 1.25, 1.5, and 2. I suggest starting with 1.25, then 1.5 and finally 2.

If you feel comfortable with the speed you type, read and watch, do nothing, that's fine, but if you want to save time and you want to spend that extra time in other activities, follow what I suggest in this post.

If you think this post helps, let me know below.

Thanks and see you in the next post...

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alan47 Premium
Yes I am dead keen to improve in all these areas.
Hackerist Premium
Great Alan! Go ahead and “just do it”.
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Tom. Could definitely do with help when it comes to typing. Jim
Hackerist Premium
Sure Jim.
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be trying these time saving tips!
Hackerist Premium
Great Kyle Ann. Let me know your results.
CarolMeador Premium
Nice post. I am a great typist; used to do medical transcription. Don't need anything in that department, and had a speed reading course many years ago. Could use the speed video watching, though. That takes up a lot of time, and I often times don't watch to the end unless it's really relevant to what I'm needing to know at the time. Thanks for the suggestions.
Hackerist Premium
You’re welcome Carol! Hope this helps.
lesabre Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Hackerist Premium
You’re welcome Michael. Hope this helps.