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I was motivated to write this post as today I took a look at some posts and messages, and it seems that many of you still have concerns about if we need to be Premium Plus members to earn Premium Plus commissions as most other companies do. The great news is NO. Per Kyle:"no, you do not need to be Premium Plus to earn Premium Plus commissions." Following is the post from Kyle and his reply to a member who asked about that: you wer
Before signing up for Wealthy Affiliate, I wanted to make sure what WA was. So, I thoroughly research who the members were and what their blogs were. At that time, blogs of some members had a better Alexa* rank than now, and some of them claimed that they were making 5K, 10K monthly or more. Currently, some of those members are not on the top ten list in terms of traffic or money. Other members are still there.*In simple terms, Alexa provides information about a site’s traffic (worldwide,
I found this website long ago. It's one of the most interesting sites that I’ve ever discovered. I want to share this resource that will help you when you are running out of ideas at the time to write a post, get inspired by the design of the top blogs, etc. By the way, most of them are making tons of money. Here you are:'s an example only. I shared that link with a member who posted a question about home decor. You can find the top blogs
If you save $10 monthly, you will be saving $120 annually, right? That's like you were making $10 monthly. No idea what your ISP (Internet Servicer Provider) is, mine is Optimum. But, wait a minute, what does that have to do with saving or making $10 or $120? Optimum started charging me $10 monthly about 10 months ago for their modem rental. As far as I know, not only Optimum but also some ISP (probably most or all of them) are charging a monthly fee for their modem rental but good news is that
We were told that we could upgrade to Windows 10 for free until July 2016, but I have great news for you:You can still get the upgrade to Windows 10 for free!Keep in mind that Microsoft is still announcing that support for Windows 7 ends in January 2020. Following is the link that will guide you step by step on how to do it: you are wondering what if I don't upgrade it? you'll leave your computer exposed to any virus or malware or
Do you know that you could get the Black Friday deal now and pay your WA membership in full in 6 months? If you are saying, wait, I pay nothing and I can wait 6 months!? Yes! or can I make monthly payments, the amounts I want, but I must pay the balance on due date or before? Yes too!I'm talking about PayPal credit and it's for purchases of $99 or more and since the Black Friday deal is $299, you're good! Many of you might not know about this, above all new members, so don't miss this opportuni
This is another short post about good news regarding the 'Social Warfare" plugin. Last night a patch for the flaw was released. If you are a "Social Warfare" user, update to version 3.5.3 immediately.
This is a very short post but it has important information about a security issue. About one hour ago information was published about earlier today hackers injected malicious code into the popular WordPress Plugin Social Warfare. If you installed this plugin, deactivate it ASAP. Otherwise, your site will be taken to malicious sites. KEEP IT DEACTIVATED until a patch is released.
I'm not going to talk about the advantages to get Wealthy Affiliate on Black Friday, there are tons of good posts about this. A lot of people know but other people don't know that you could get it today at $299 and start paying it after six months with NO INTEREST! Is this a joke? NO! What’s the trick here? No, no trick here either.Getting to the point, USE PAYPAL CREDIT!If you already have Pay Pal credit, great. Otherwise, shortly after you provide your personal information, you’ll
Four of the most important factors to be successful are:1) A PLAN for a GOAL2) KNOWLEDGE or training3) CONSISTENT execution of that plan and 4) The right MINDSETALL OF US CAN HAVE THE FIRST TWO AND WE CAN EVEN DO WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO, but unfortunately, IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Although the execution is vital, THE OFTEN FORGOTTEN FACTOR, our MINDSET, makes the difference! Per Tony Robbins, “Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics”.This short post was my comment sent t