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Last Update: June 07, 2020

We have come down to 2 designs for the logo for our website and YouTube channel:

Please have a look at the website and YouTube channel and help us decide, which logo would suit best?

Design A

Design B

Thank you very much in advance for helping us choose - looking forward to your choice. Please also do share with us why you think the design of your choice would suit our site better.

Your friends

Habib and Rani

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habibrani Premium
Thank you so much everybody for your contribution, in helping us to choose our logo for our website and YouTube channel.

The majority of the votes went to design B, therefore we have selected design B. It also was our personal choice, so it worked out perfectly :)

Here are the links to our website and YouTube channel. Feel free to have a look and see how the logo looks there; after all you helped us select it.




Habib & Rani
dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Habib & Rani,
Actually, both designs look spectecular. In terms of the graphic design and colours combinations. Both are suitable for your website and Youtube channel.

Out of the 2 choices, i believe design B is a better choice. Because design A did not quite stand out as compared to design B.

In design A, the white wordings over red background is a bit small. Especially the website url.

In design B, it is great. Because the red wordings : How to Get Richer & Healthier placed on top, made the whole logo stand out more. Most of all, it look more well balanced.

Well that is about all. The logos are nicely done. I like it.

Best wishes,
David Koh
Nkaujzeb Premium
I like B. It stands out more and knows exactly what it is.
habibrani Premium
Thank you for your choice and reason.
Mick18 Premium
I like design B the best.
habibrani Premium
Thank, but any particular reason?
lesabre Premium
Hi Habib and Rani, I kind of prefer logo B as it seems to stand out more. Nice job.

Best wishes,
habibrani Premium