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Hi Everyone, we are very excited to share the GOOD NEWS of hitting 100 subscribers today. All this happened in exactly ONE month today, as we uploaded our first video on 27th May 2020. It has been a journey of persistent hard work of creating videos on almost a daily basis. However, it has been fun, exciting, a lot of hours spent and ultimately it was our passion that drove us to this stage in such a small amount of time - in 30 DAYS!! This only proves that anyone's hard work does and will alwa
We have finally made it to the top 200We joined WA in January 2018, and becasue we both work full time, we were only able to give an hour here and an hour there on our website.But since the lockdown, we both are working from home, and this gave us more: Time DriveMotivation to work more on WA and our site.Since May 18th 2020, we have been working on it consistently everyday - and it has: PAID OFF!In ONE month, we have launced our Youtube channel too and have already got 64 subscribers and good
We have come down to 2 designs for the logo for our website and YouTube channel:https://lifestyletipsandhacks.com have a look at the website and YouTube channel and help us decide, which logo would suit best?Design ADesign BThank you very much in advance for helping us choose - looking forward to your choice. Please also do share with us why you think the design of your choice would suit our site better.Your friends Habib and Rani
We have created our first video post on our site - this was long overdue, and have finally done it.Please click HERE to have a look and leave us some feedback. Thanks
Membership fee reducedWe have changed our yearly membership from $359 to the new offer of $299.Great saving of $60 per year.GrandfatheredWonderful part is that now we will be grandfathered into this new price of $299.Has anyone else gone for this? Please let us know.Habib & Rani
February 08, 2020
Just wanted to share our new badge of dedication. We've been with wealthy for 2 years now and it's been paying off. We would like to remind ourselves firstly then to everybody else, that commitment and dedication always gives. How's your journey with WA?Habib and Rani
February 07, 2019
What a ONE year it has beenWe cannot believe nor realised it has been one year since we've been a premium member with WA, until we just receive a notification.We have a wonderful website that has now got a solid baseWe have learnt so much about affiliate marketingMany more benefits, but I'm sure being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you know them allIf anyone is a starter member, then we do recommend you go premium because it really is worth it.Thanks for readi
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What a SIX months it's been here at Wealthy Affiliate. We are still very grateful to be here. Our sincere regards to Kyle, Carson and the amazing community, whom have kept us going.We truly believe with the dedication and consistency of hard work, we will get there to where the Wealthy Affiliate aims to take us - SUCCESS.We know we can make it happen, just like the other successful members here at Wealthy Affiliate. We just need your continuous encourage and support.We are so excited for the fo
The email notification we get regarding a comment or reply of the site comments training section, used to take us straight to the comment or reply despite when it was written. However, this is not the case anymore. It simply takes us to the top of the comments post, hence it is very difficult to find your own comment request and also more importantly, the reply you receive from other members whom have taken the time out to write a comment and reply there for us to get back to them and return th
March 14, 2018
Course 3 - Making money completed. That was a lot of learning. Feeling powerful right now. SUCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS :-))))))))