Has it really been 6 months? Pure Dedication.

Last Update: Aug 11, 2018

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What a SIX months it's been here at Wealthy Affiliate. We are still very grateful to be here. Our sincere regards to Kyle, Carson and the amazing community, whom have kept us going.

We truly believe with the dedication and consistency of hard work, we will get there to where the Wealthy Affiliate aims to take us - SUCCESS.

We know we can make it happen, just like the other successful members here at Wealthy Affiliate. We just need your continuous encourage and support.

We are so excited for the forthcoming success and also wish everyone here all the best.

Those of you who don't know us, we are the owners of:


Please read our posts and leave us a comment and we will return the favour as an appreciation.

Remember we are here to support EACH OTHER and this will lead to everyones SUCCESS.


Habib and Rani

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Good post. The first six months go by in a blur do they not?

Hi Jerry, it most certainly does. A lot to put together in this period of time, but now things are slowly settling down. Regards

Habib and Rani

Hi Habib and Rani- It is really great to connect with you and thank you for sharing this post- yes, WA is all about paying it forward, encouraging and supporting each other on our wonderful journey and I too wish you success and happy days all the way

Thank you Vicki for your best wishes, We hope your are doing great too. We have learnt so much from WA, compared to what we knew six months ago, and the opportunities are endless, what we can achieve in the next 6 months. We are very humbled and grateful to be part of the amazing community of WA.

We have just published our latest post on our site, please feel free to have a look and leave us a comment, it will be very much appreciated. We will return the favour.


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