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Last Update: January 10, 2013
Hi guys
I want to share with you another way for social media Auto-Submission ,It's a site call
It makes the social media Auto-Submission a little easier and faster.The first time takes some work to register to all the social media networks,but after it's done it's quicker, just a few lines and you done.You can engage with the Top Social Networks to Promote Your Products, Increase Your Traffic and Grow Your Brand.You can sign up for free or you can choose one of the other plans they have there.I have the free one it gives 300 submissions,there's a plan for 9.99 a month if you want,but for start i think the free plan is enough.
Here is the link (it's not an affiliate link)

Have a nice day
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fol8 Premium
Thanks for the info, will check it out later:)
Hudson Premium
Looks good will look into it more closely and let you know how it goes,
kathyjf1530 Premium
Thanks for the info. I will check it out
Sherion Premium
Thank you. I will see what this is all about!
DavesNetTeam Premium
Thanks for the info!